Bushcraft Start Kit

Is it enough to go to the forest to become a bushcrafter? No - in the wild you still have to learn to function, which only sounds simple at first. Bushcraft is the art of using knowledge and skills to survive in the wild. Since your main needs are food and drink, you need to bring or obtain food and water, and know how to clean them. Additionally, it is necessary to ensure thermal comfort, i.e. to build a shelter and light a fire, which in difficult weather conditions may decide about survival. In bushcraft, great emphasis is placed on contact with nature and taking care of it - living in the wilderness, you should also not forget about the lively surroundings.

Beginner's bushcraft kit

Our offer for beginner bushcrafters is a set of accessories, thanks to which you can rest and warm up comfortably, as well as heat food or boil water. The set includes a warm sleeping bag that is best placed on a hammock, insulating yourself from the cold ground. By choosing our solutions, you will be able to spread the tarpaulin over you to protect yourself against rainfall while resting. After a night of sleep in the wild, it is best to comfortably sit on a sleeping mat and prepare food, with a solid fuel field stove and a steel cup in which you can safely cook.

It happens more than once that you will end your hike after dark, perhaps chilled. In a difficult situation, our starter kit will be helpful. Bushcraft is the art of coping with hard times, so your inventory should include a thermal blanket that will prevent heat loss under a tight and insulating coating. We also recommend bushcraft flashlights made by Highlander, appreciated by specialists in forest survival - frontal or pocket models will be useful during night camping activities or looking for a way to the destination.

Overcoming difficulties when starting an adventure with bushcraft

Anyone can feel fear during a night out in the field, especially if this is the first night away from civilization. After dark, your eyesight becomes weaker and your hearing is alert to sounds that may disturb you. At such moments, it is worth remembering what animals are present in a given area - you will be calmer when you discover that there are no wolves or bears around. The bushcraft set will also help to ensure the conditions in which you feel more confident - the beginner set will allow you to signal your presence with a flashlight and spend the night above the ground, away from wild boars. We invite you to view our proposals!

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