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About us

Military and tourist store Milworld.com

We encourage all lovers of various types of activities, survivalists, hunters, anglers, globetrotters, travelers, as well as ordinary tourists who choose outdoor camping instead of hotel amenities, to take a look at our store's offer.

In our tourist store you can find extremely practical functional clothes, such as tactical boots, cargo pants, camo pants and military jackets. Highly specialized equipment works both in tourism (even the extreme one) and in pursuing passions related to more and more popular outdoor activities. The professional military store Milword.pl offers all military and camping enthusiasts MultiCam clothing and equipment, tactical shoes and necessary equipment, such as, for example, tourist tents, travel bags and camping sleeping bags. The highest quality military clothing is a promise of full comfort and safety, and also a response to the latest fashion trends. It is also worth investing in high-quality tourist backpacks to make each trip really comfortable and successful.

We operate as a typical military store, with a wide range of products dedicated to people interested in military and survival art, and as a tourist store with an offer tailored to the needs of travelers, trekking people, hunters and anglers. Among our products you will find excellent quality clothing from Surplus, Brandit, military footwear, travel sleeping bags, specialized tactical equipment and useful camping equipment, various hunting accessories, optical equipment, travel bags and backpacks, as well as many other accessories that are worth buying before a trip to the unexplored backwoods, mountains, jungles or deserts. Welcome!

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Coffee lover's backpack - accessories for brewing coffee at the campsite

Have you ever brewed coffee while camping? If so, you probably know the cowboy method perfectly well, for which only a pot and a cup are enough for the dishes. With convenience in mind, you can also reach for a kettle, a coffee maker or even a portable coffee machine. Do you prefer cold coffee (also known as cold brew) or maybe, like most people, you prefer hot drink? In the latter case, apart from the dishes, you will also need a fire or a stove and cartridges. We cordially invite you to read the article, in which you will learn more about making coffee on forest and mountain expeditions. In the post, you can also read about the types of camping mugs, and even about accessories for cleaning them. Enjoy reading!

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What to prepare for a blackout? 6 useful things

Surely you have experienced a power failure, but how long did the failure last? Several dozen minutes, several hours, maybe a day? In today's entry, Kajetan Wilczyński tries to tell what it is and what are the dangers of a blackout that lasts up to a month. Our survival specialist also recalls memories of his home village, where the lack of electricity in the 90s was nothing unusual. In the article, you will also learn what equipment to store in the basement and what to do first when the socket power runs out. We invite you to read.

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