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About us

Military and tourist store Milworld.com

We encourage all lovers of various types of activities, survivalists, hunters, anglers, globetrotters, travelers, as well as ordinary tourists who choose outdoor camping instead of hotel amenities, to take a look at our store's offer.

In our tourist store you can find extremely practical functional clothes, such as tactical boots, cargo pants, camo pants and military jackets. Highly specialized equipment works both in tourism (even the extreme one) and in pursuing passions related to more and more popular outdoor activities. The professional military store Milword.pl offers all military and camping enthusiasts MultiCam clothing and equipment, tactical shoes and necessary equipment, such as, for example, tourist tents, travel bags and camping sleeping bags. The highest quality military clothing is a promise of full comfort and safety, and also a response to the latest fashion trends. It is also worth investing in high-quality tourist backpacks to make each trip really comfortable and successful.

We operate as a typical military store, with a wide range of products dedicated to people interested in military and survival art, and as a tourist store with an offer tailored to the needs of travelers, trekking people, hunters and anglers. Among our products you will find excellent quality clothing from Surplus, Brandit, military footwear, travel sleeping bags, specialized tactical equipment and useful camping equipment, various hunting accessories, optical equipment, travel bags and backpacks, as well as many other accessories that are worth buying before a trip to the unexplored backwoods, mountains, jungles or deserts. Welcome!

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Urban survival - preparation for the crisis in the city

If the concept of urban survival doesn't mean anything to you, it's high time to change it. Most of the threats of the modern world are lurking not in the wilderness, but among people. Pandemics, attacks and the effects of a changing climate are just some of the crises that lurk around the corner. But don't worry - you can prepare yourself. How to do it? Survival instructor Kajetan Wilczyński talks directly about the equipment that will be useful. But the equipment itself is not enough - you need to train and adapt to a situation that is very difficult to reflect in a properly functioning environment. Read the post to find out more!

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Hurricane in an open area - how to survive a strong wind?

Powerful winds are no longer rare in Poland. Especially in the field, storms can be a deadly threat, which - thanks to simple recommendations - you can reduce a bit. In the forest, go against the wind and look for a depression. Ideally, the shelter should be sheltered on the top from falling trees. When the hurricane is approaching, but you still have some time, prepare a makeshift pit roof yourself. In an open area, lie down and try to isolate yourself from the surroundings as effectively as possible. Surviving a hurricane wind in the mountains is more complex. Do you want to know more? Read the entry in which Kajetan Wilczyński advises on what to do in the event of a hurricane.

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