Budget gift? Choose a gadget for the survival enthusiast

There are necessary and unnecessary gifts. There is not always a necessity and an opportunity to put an expensive gift under the Christmas tree. Sometimes it is worth considering and giving a small item that will be much more functional than an expensive gift. This time we have something special for lovers of survival and bushcraft. Practical gadgets that will fulfill their role in all conditions are most often useful to them. Get to know the power of gadgets and check our list!

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Gift for active people - what to choose?

Some of us like to play sports all year round. The weather doesn't matter. Therefore, on Christmas, it is worth giving your loved ones a gift for active people so that they can enjoy their passion next year. We have prepared a list of gift proposals that you can give to a runner, cycling enthusiast or a person who likes hiking in the forest or mountains. Being outdoors is good for your health, so make your loved ones smile while unpacking the package on December 24.

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Gift for special tasks? Choose the best one

Buying gifts is in full swing. Despite the fact that this holiday will be a bit different than all the previous ones, the joy of the gifts is the same, and maybe even greater. We will appreciate the time spent with loved ones in the comfort of your home more. Thanks to this, Christmas will be calmer. Is there a person among your relatives who likes airsoft guns, militaria or works in the services? If so, you've come to the best place possible. We have prepared a special Christmas set for such a person. A smile is guaranteed!

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What to buy for St. Nicholas' Day?

It is a tradition that on St. Nicholas' Day we give each other rather small gifts. We often try to choose articles that will be useful to someone. This means that he will use them on a daily basis. We reserve gifts that are of a higher price range for Christmas. This is due to a generally accepted tradition. We decided to prepare a list of 6 products that will surely be useful to an outdoor enthusiast, but not only. These are universal gifts that will be liked by every man who likes to combine functionality with high quality.

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Close Quarters Battle on Black Friday

Organized anti-terrorist actions provide a lot of emotions, especially when we can admire them on a TV or laptop screen. In more than one movie, we can see the complicated activities of special units that try to rescue hostages or stop dangerous criminals. Close Quarters Battle is certainly an extremely interesting field. There is no room for error in the schemes in which the units act. That is why the training of members of special formations is so important. Often the lives of action participants depend on one another. In this post we will try to bring, what exactly is Close Quarters Battle.

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What to take on a trip to Africa?

Preparations for this trip took almost a year. The plan included Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Within 6 weeks, we were to cover this route by land, local transport, without the help of an agency, because we organize both this and our previous trips ourselves from start to finish. Long we wondered about the things that we needed and will prove themselves both during trekking and on safari. It is known that during a trip longer than 2 weeks, and when packing all things into a backpack, every kilogram counts, which later weighs on our back. Therefore, it is worth considering what things will work and what conditions to expect in given places. That's why I do some research before each trip.

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Minimum self-sufficiency, or how to choose survival EDC

Bushcrafters call it EDC (Every Day Carry), the military IPS (Individual Survival Package). Different names, but a common task, which is to provide the owner with a minimum of self-sufficiency in casual terrain. A set of items ready for use in an emergency must be: waterproof, small (it can be carried in a pocket in case of loss of equipment) and resistant to mechanical damage. The basic IPS looks similar to most Special Forces operators. It can be divided into sets, each of which is responsible for a separate aspect of military survival.

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Thermoactive underwear - how to choose?

Fall and even winter do not have to mean the end of the running or trekking season. All you need is the right and thoughtful outfit to be able to continue your active sports life in peace. What you wear as the first layer of clothes is very important. Thermoactive underwear will be the best possible solution. This is a good solution because, firstly, we do not overheat our body with a thick layer of clothes, and secondly, we avoid soaking our clothes with sweat. How to choose the right thermoactive underwear? Read our post.

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10 most interesting military camouflages

Combat actions take place in various scenarios. Both in forest areas and in the city. It is the spatial conditions that determine the color of the soldier's uniform. Part of the world's armies create their own camouflage patterns, private companies also do it on request. The point is not to make the camouflage stand out. It is supposed to be effective, i.e. it is supposed to integrate the adept of the art of war into the field. Of course, some of the patterns are specific to a given army. That is why we decided to introduce you to the 10 most interesting military camouflages that you can find in our store.

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What to eat in a crisis situation?

The popular theory of "threes" is that a person is able to survive: 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. While the first two points are indisputable, it is worth considering the third. Can we really survive that long without any food?

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