Storm - how to survive the element in the mountains?

There are tons of dangers waiting for you in the mountains. An enjoyable ridge hike can quickly turn into a life-threatening adventure. If you see signs of changing weather too late, you won't hide from the storm. Firstly, it is worth noticing the approaching element quickly, and secondly - finding shelter quickly. If there is still a long way to the shelter, you have to improvise. It's a good idea to stick to the advice that Kajetan from the Adventurer channel wrote in the latest post. This time the article is not intended to electrify the reader, but to protect him from lightning. We cordially invite you to read!

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Choose the best pants for summer outdoor adventures

By taking loose-fitting shorts on a summer trip, you can give yourself more freedom and airflow. However, it is worth taking at least one more fitted model for a journey - it will add elegance to an evening walk around a charming town. Long pants with detachable legs are also an interesting option, as they can be easily adapted to changing weather conditions. Also remember about mosquitoes - shorts will not protect your legs as well as long cargo pants, so it's good to take at least one pair. We invite you to review interesting military models in our article!

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Five songs about tanks for Tankman’s Day

On the occasion of Tankman's Day, we have prepared a list of 5 noteworthy songs about tanks. Tracked armor has many songs about it, not only abroad, but also in Poland. From Kaczmarski, through Swedish heavy metal, to modern rappers - we tried to maintain diversity, while discussing the specifics of different models of tanks or armored divisions. In the article you will also learn why the Festival of Armored and Mechanized Forces falls on June 17. Read on!

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Treasure hunt - how to look for gold, crystal and amber?

In today's post, Kajetan Wilczyński talks about his experiences with treasure hunting. His adventure with finding gold began with his father in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland there are veins of gold. What else can you find without going abroad? It is certainly amber, because - despite the fact that the Crosscut of the Vistula Spit has failed in terms of the richness of amber - you can still find real Baltic treasures, especially after a storm. An interesting mineral is also rock crystal, found on exposed quartz mountain walls.

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Tactical first aid kit - how to complete a first aid kit?

It is better to be ready for any eventuality. In the mountains, forest or when visiting abandoned buildings, it is good to have a handy first aid kit, which will include dressings, scissors to cut them, as well as medicines or alcohol wipes. The contents of the first aid kit are one thing, but where to put all medicaments? There are several solutions, for example, you can use a first aid kit with a belt. Please read the article in which we discuss different types of bags for medical supplies!

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Kayak accessories useful during the kayaking trip

It might seem that beautiful weather is all you need on a kayaking trip, but a tipper can effectively spoil your vacation. To protect yourself from getting your expensive equipment wet, it is better to equip yourself with various kayaking accessories. Watertight kayak bags attached to the rope can hold both clothes and devices, and the transparent case will also protect the phone and money. During a sunny trip, you should also be well-hydrated, thanks to light and durable steel bottles. We invite you to read the article in which we talk about the accessories useful on the kayak.

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Survival LARP - Field Survival Game
While many people have come across the acronym LARP, not everyone knows what it stands for. It is about field games, the participants of which, dressed in costumes, create an unforgettable story together. If the game takes place in empty factories, wastelands and forests in which you have to demonstrate the art of survival, you can safely talk about survival LARPs. However, there are many more types of field games, so there is something for everyone. This article discusses various game scenarios, highlighting the advantages of participating in them. Why not give it a try?
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How is bushcraft different from survival?

Functioning at the limit of one's own endurance can end in death, which is why survival, in the opinion of many masters, is nothing beautiful, only the ability to survive. And how does bushcraft relate to this? Duration itself does not equal survival. It is not enough to set up camps and live in more or less comfortable conditions in the forest to call yourself a survival specialist. However, the border is very thin, which can be easily seen during an unannounced snowstorm in the mountains. If you've been wondering what else is the difference between survival and bushcraft, read on!

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Hardshell and softshell jackets - how do they differ?

Choosing a poorly breathable jacket for light rain can promote perspiration and, as a result, cool the body. It's worth knowing what the difference between softshell and hardshell models is, so you can choose your clothes better in terms of the weather and the type of expedition. In the article, we talk about the pros and cons of both types of material, explaining that the distinction is not as easy as you might think.

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