How to get water and food in winter?

Berries, blueberries and mushrooms are not enough to ensure a strong survival organism. In addition, in winter it is difficult to get even the above-mentioned treasures of the forest, and it is easier to get cold. Fortunately, Kajetan Wilczyński prepared advice on getting food and water. When you only have winter forest at your disposal, you should make use of the snow and any nutrient-rich organisms you can find. Some plants and mushrooms are just around the corner, even in frost. The same applies to wintering insects. If you want to know more, read the article on searching for food in a frozen forest. Some plants and mushrooms are just around the corner, even in frost. The same applies to wintering insects. If you want to know more, read the article on searching for food in a frozen forest.

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How to find a tactical jacket for every season of the year?

Functional tactical jackets were created for the military, who were to provide easy access to the equipment. It is also worth mentioning that the tactical type models are waterproof and breathable, and - in most cases - have a warm lining. Thanks to the high-quality bottom layer, the jacket will be perfect not only in spring, but also perfect for winter. Otherwise - when the bottom layer is missing - a compatible fleece can be selected for the model. Do you want to know more about tactical jackets? We invite you to read the post about models ensuring thermal comfort.

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Military trouser belts and other accessories for military clothing

Are you missing an element that could fasten all military equipment? Probably it is a belt that will not only ensure the fit of the garment, but will also be an elegant addition to the garment. In the case of tactical models, there is also increased functionality - you can put many useful accessories on the belt. Another choice is classic belts with a metal buckle, which is often decorated with carving. We invite you to read the article, thanks to which you will learn useful information about other accessories to military clothing - about suspenders and belt loops.

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Gas, Oil and LED. 3 types of useful tourist lamps

When considering which lamp to choose for a camping trip, it is worth considering 3 types of models. Gas lighting fits in cartridges and camping cylinders. This is a big advantage if you are an experienced hiker with a large supply of butane cartridges. Proven kerosene lamps are gaining more and more popularity, which should come as no surprise in times of blackouts and rising electricity prices. Kerosene is reliable and easy to store, even in a basement. However, since we live in the 21st century, it is difficult not to take into account LED lighting, especially if it is equipped with a multitude of operating modes. We cordially invite you to read the post in which we wrote more about oil, gas and electric lamps.

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Dinner in the field, or what to use to prepare a meal on a trip?

A long trip to the mountains or an epic, multi-kilometer walking rally? Regardless of the type of escapade, time should be set aside for a decent meal in the tour schedule. Ready-made food products do not necessarily provide their full nutritional value and are cold without preparation. An interesting idea is to take freeze-dried dishes with a heating element, thanks to which the meal will be warm in the bag with food. Otherwise, you need to remember to bring useful camping equipment when you want to eat something hot. How to prepare dishes in the field? Here are some of the dishes available in our store's offer.

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Dog attack - what to do when a dog attacks?

If you travel a lot or are often in the countryside, you probably know that it is not uncommon to meet wild, aggressive dogs. An aggressive quadruped can sometimes let go of himself, but it's best to encourage him to leave as soon as possible with the right behavior. First, never turn your back on a feral animal. Sometimes you can do this unconsciously - you just won't notice that the animal is approaching. This is why, while on an escapade, keep your eyes on your head. If the dog doesn't let go, climb a tree or jump over the fence. If there is no obstacle in the area for the animal, you have a problem, but don't worry. From Kajetan's entry you will learn what to do even when you have to fight the dog.

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Milworld Logistics - we are starting transport activities!

We show that in addition to running a military store, we can also operate in transport, logistics and shipping. The newly established company Milworld Logistics is a guarantee of fast delivery not only of the assortment on our shelves, but also of goods for other companies. We have numerous advantages, the most important of which is qualified staff - specialists who will help the client in any situation. It is not worth forgetting about monitored warehouses, our own workshop or a modern fleet of rigid (solo) trucks and tractor units, with which the transport is both safe and fast. We cordially invite you to read the article about Milworld Logistics, offering attractive transport services.

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Sweet Dreams! Choose a comfortable camp bed or a hiking hammock

Are you wondering what is the best way to sleep in the woods? Have you been bored with the sleeping bag itself? If you have a lot of space in the car, you can take a camp bed - it will be a substitute for the comfort known from home. Another option is the hammock, so much appreciated by bushcrafters. No wonder that people who spend a lot of time in the forest choose this fantastic solution. Hammocks are light and compact, so they can be carried even in a backpack. Stand high above the cold ground and admire the stars at night - what more could you ask for?

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Chaga mushroom - a medicinal mushroom useful in survival

What is the name of a fungus that looks like a burnt growth on a birch tree from afar? It is chaga mushroom, which was appreciated by indigenous peoples for its medicinal properties. As scientists have proved, there was a lot of truth in folk wisdom - it hides inotodiol and lanosterol, compounds responsible for removing damaged cells, including cancerous ones. However, we are interested in the use of chaga more than medicinal uses - as this is also the name of black mushroom growing on trees - in survival. If you want to learn how to use it in the art of survival, be sure to read the new post by Kajetan Wilczyński.

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