Winter camp - how to prepare?

Winter camp - how to prepare?

Admiring winter views provides a lot of unforgettable experiences. Especially when we go on an interesting trail. It gets serious when we are about to set up the camp, because it will be dark soon. Sleeping outdoors in the winter can be a great experience. Provided that we prepare ourselves accordingly. For the most part, everything depends on us. Proper planning is the foundation. It is worth thinking through all your steps and carefully preparing the camp. We chose a few elementary issues that everyone should remember.

Be ready for anything

The preparation of the camp begins at the stage of packing the backpack before traveling. Appropriate preparation is to take with you a small hatchet, tent, first aid kit, sleeping bag, paracord rope and tinder. Let's also remember about the right clothing. We should be warm, but we cannot overheat. Moisture from our body must be drained out. Then we will avoid colds.

Remember to check where we set up the camp. It is worth making sure that there are no large animals around us. Nobody wants to be unpleasantly surprised by the arrival of the animal in the morning. It's best to choose a sleeping place on a platform. Then you will protect yourself against flooding during rain or snow, or during a snowstorm.

After choosing the right place and pitching the tent, isolate the ground from your sleeping bag. A foam pad or self-inflating mat will work best. Then we are sure that the cold will not penetrate our sleeping bag. To keep it warm it is worth warming up before going to bed. Doing some exercises around the campfire works well.

Eating appropriate meals during winter camping is extremely important. If we want to make it warmer at night, we should adapt meals to this. To create heat, our body must burn enough calories. That is why eating warm food is so important. Hot soup always warms up well. To survive winter camping, you need to maintain a proper level of body heat.

During the winter trip, before we go to sleep, we need to dry all the wet clothes. If we fall asleep in damp clothing, we can get cold. It is worth avoiding it so as not to disturb the order of our adventure. In case of need it is better to take more clothes with you - so as to have a supply. If we want to make sure that our belongings don't get wet, a waterproof bag will be a great solution.

The basis of a winter trip should be a pleasant time. That's why it's worth taking a group of friends with you. Yes, so that in the most difficult moments you can count on mutual support. Sometimes there are completely unforeseen situations. It's easier in a group of people.

Winter camp with

In our store you will find useful accessories that will definitely help you survive winter camping in the field.

A comfortable tent is essential. The Highlander Hawthorn tourist tent is a durable and solid construction. It sticks to the ground, even in stronger winds. A convenient carrying bag makes carrying easier. It must be warm at night in winter. That's why the Highlander Phantom sleeping bag is a proven option. The hood with a collar effectively hugs the head and protects it against heat loss. Spiral fibers evenly distribute heat, so that the body is isolated from cold and wind. If you don't want your clothes to get wet, you can put them in a waterproof Highlander bag.

The MFH Dogge I folding shovel will be useful in preparing the campsite. We'll dig it out of the excess snow from the area where we want to pitch the camp. It contains many useful tools. Among other things, a knife with an opener, a saw, a tinder and a paracord cord. It was made of a combination of carbon steel and durable aluminum. It weighs little and can easily fit in your backpack. If you have a cold you should have foil NRC MFH otherwise known as foil of life. It will provide protection against heat loss. It can also be used as insulation from the ground. Mandatory equipment in crisis situations. Take the Mil-Tec travel first aid kit with you. Nobody knows what the situation will be, so it's better to be prepared for any eventuality.

After a cool night, we can enjoy the rays of the rising sun. There is nothing more pleasant than a brisk winter morning in the bosom of nature. Now it remains to enjoy the taste of hot tea and keep going.

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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