Which cartridge is the best?

Which cartridge is the best?

A hot meal should be one of the inseparable elements of any long field trip. It will allow us to regenerate and put us on our feet. But how to prepare it? One of the simplest solutions is a gas stove - it does not take up much space in a backpack, and its weight does not constitute a noticeable burden. We roughly have several types of burners - screwed, hammered and pressed (Easy Click). It is also possible to buy adapters that allow you to connect various burners with various types of gas cartridges. But what to choose? This is the topic for today!

As we have already established, we can mix burner and cartridge configurations. However, let's try to choose the optimal set.

The trends vary depending on the region of the world, but a trend can be noted. The stick-in cartridges are being withdrawn slowly. The problem with this solution is that they are essentially disposable. Once we put the burner into the canister, we cannot take it out until we completely empty the gas tank. There is also a risk of accidentally rupturing the burner, which results in a complete gas escape. Brussels officials considered the matter to be at least potentially dangerous. As a consequence, the European Union introduced the EN 407 2012 standard, according to which manufacturers are required to equip these types of cartridges with a cartridge closing system.

In contrast, let's now turn to the most popular gas cartridges, which are undoubtedly the cartridges dedicated to threaded torches. This solution seems to be the safest and most practical. The thread used by manufacturers is universal, so basically every cartridge of this type should be compatible with every cooker. The screw-in option is completely safe. It allows you to connect and disconnect the burner many times, which in turn makes it much easier to transport the set - if necessary, it can be disassembled and used again when needed. The burners do not take up much space, and the cartridge (depending on the capacity) can be put in the pocket of a backpack, tray or inside the dishes that we carry with us anyway.

On some markets, threaded cartridges are less popular than the push-in ones (Easy Click). The characteristics of these are essentially identical. These types of cartridges are equipped with a valve that automatically cuts off the gas supply after disconnecting the burner. In the macro scale, screw-in cartridges are much more popular, but before leaving, it is worth finding out whether consumers in a given place, however, like those with a push-in system. Then it is worth getting an adapter.

DIY cartridges are also available - they resemble a gas cartridge for refilling lighters. They are mainly dedicated to larger tourist kitchens. These, on the other hand, are perfect for camping or wherever we don't have to go far from the car. Cookers allow you to prepare a meal in comfortable conditions, similar to those offered by home cookers. However, due to their dimensions, they are in no way suitable for hiking..

Of course, gas stoves are not the only tool that allows you to prepare a warm meal in the field. You will also find cartridges in our store.

Author: Gniewko Bernecki

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