What to sleep on in a tent? Mat and mattress proposals

What to sleep on in a tent? Mat and mattress proposals

Camping away from the city is one of the most pleasant forms of communing with nature. However, camping does not have to mean lowering the comfort of your stay, especially if your equipment includes a high-class tent. But not only. It is also worth considering comfortable sleeping equipment. And which will be better - a self-inflating mat or a mattress? We will try to describe and compare both types of one of the key elements of camping equipment. By the way, we will present mats and mattresses for one and two people. We invite you to read!

What do you need to know about tent mats?

Only a few dozen years ago, all kinds of haystacks were enough for a bed of all kinds of hay in the barn of the hospitable farmer. Today there are not many barns, and the country huts have turned into agritourism generating income. When going outside the city in search of a break from the noise and hustle and bustle, you should therefore complete your portable home and take a comfortable bed with you.

In field conditions, a modern tent mat is a good alternative. Every hiker should appreciate its low weight above all. Rarely any model weighs more than 1.5 kg. The lightweight self-inflating sleeping mat is therefore a light load, and is therefore the best choice for a trekking trip. Thanks to the compact sleeping mat, you can also take other camping accessories that you need on a trip. What are the dimensions of the folded mats? This could be as little as 27 x 18 cm for a single mat or 65 x 28 cm for a two-person model.

When buying this type of camping equipment, pay attention to the value of the TOG factor. It shows the thermal resistance of the tent mat, which is related to maintaining the heat level or insulation from the ground. A high TOG factor (above 4.5) indicates very good thermal parameters. However, it is equipment for people planning Arctic expeditions or a longer stay in the high mountains. The standard TOG size for high-end mats should be more than 2.

What mattress should I take to the tent?

Of course, a mattress for a tent is a slightly larger and more comfortable camping sleeping equipment. This is a classic product that you will appreciate not only when traveling, but also when your relatives come to visit you unexpectedly. The outside sleeping mattress is covered with a soft and pleasant to the touch velor (also known as flock). The rest of the product is made of PVC.

Milworld offers three variants of Highlander mattresses: single AIR030, double Swift and double mattress for Sleepeze tent. The maximum load of the first one is 90 kg, while the other two models can easily carry people with a total weight of 160 kg. The construction of each Scottish brand mattress is very durable. Due to its high resistance, such a comfortable piece of camping equipment should serve for many years.

The other advantages include, among others easy to keep clean, small size after folding the mattress, and thus - its lightness (maximum 3.2 kg). If you don't want to or can't take extra equipment with you, choose the Built-In-Foot pump system. This feature of the mattress for the Highlander Swift 2-person tent allows the mattress to be filled with air in a very short time. If the model does not have an integrated system, it is worth using a separate electric or foot pump for the mattress.

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