What to remember in winter? Driver's guide

What to remember in winter? Driver's guide

Will we hear once again this winter that road workers have been surprised? Probably yes. It is important that you are not surprised! Preparing the car for such a difficult season is a challenge. You need to take care of many details. In such a complicated system as the car's engine, it is important to approach the matter correctly. The slightest sign of disability should not be underestimated. However, a car is not just an engine. Other systems must also function properly. You will learn what to take care of in this text.

What to take care of?

  • battery – it's worth remembering because we won't go anywhere without it. Before winter, have the workshop carry out a battery test. Thanks to this, we'll find out if the battery is fully functional. Most websites do this for free.
  • operating fluids – pay attention to the tightness of the cooling system. When the fluid freezing point is not correct, low temperatures can damage the entire system. In addition to the coolant, be sure to add winter washer fluid. If you do not do this and winter finds you with summer fluid, the fluid pump can be damaged.
  • brakes – the most important mechanical system in the car. Check the state of the brake force distribution before winter. It is very important. Remember that it is easy to skid in winter. Especially when the braking system is out of order. Your safety first.
  • tire replacement – the basic activity. Replacing winter tires is a key issue. Winter tires are most important when driving in winter. Because they have a different tread than summer tires, they have better grip. You know how many bumps occur after the first snowfall. Don't underestimate this. Also check the condition of the tires. The tire should have a certain tread height. If it is “bald”, invest in a new set. In addition, it is worth paying attention to tire pressure.
  • air filter – to avoid odor after winter, replace the air filter as often as possible. Poland is under construction, so the filter gets dirty more often. If you drive a route that is under construction, the filter will need to be replaced after several thousand kilometers. If you are moving in calmer circumstances, replace it less often. Monitor its consumption.
  • lights – check carefully that the lights are even. It's best to do it by driving close to the garage wall. If not, make adjustments. It is worth paying attention to it, because in winter the day is shorter, and driving in the dark must be comfortable. If you see that something is wrong, contact a mechanic.
  • suspension – check your suspension for any suspicious sounds. Malfunctioning suspension and steering can have various causes. Most often it manifests itself by pulling the car off the track, excessive tire wear or rocking the car. You can check all this in the car service.
  • wiper blades – look carefully at the wiper blades. Check for delamination or cracking. In winter precipitation is more frequent. It is worth taking care of clean glass.
  • body – pay attention to the body of your car. Secure the places where the chips appeared. Also secure the seals. You can lubricate the rubbers with a special stick.

What is worth having in the trunk?

What is worth having in the trunk? There are a few important things that you should have with you in winter. Situations can be surprising, and the worst possible situation is when the car won't start. See what equipment you can hit the road with.

  • the ice scraper – is a fundamental element of the handy driver kit in winter. It is not expensive, and without it, it will be difficult for you to remove permafrost from the glass.
  • jumper cables – what if the car won't start? It's the blackest scenario. Low temperatures shorten battery life, so keep your jumper cables with you.
  • liquid for defrosting locks – it is worth having it with you, not in the glove compartment. It won't be useful then. Today, most cars are equipped with central locking, but what if it fails?
  • snow chains – you will need them in extreme situations. If someone lives in the mountains, he definitely has chains on the basic equipment.
  • winter windscreen washer fluid – it's worth having some spare in your trunk. In winter, we use wipers more often because the windows get dirty more. Therefore, we also use more liquid.

Finally, we remind you about the full tank! Not only to not stand in the middle of the road, but also to avoid corrosion of the tank. These are all the basic issues to keep in mind in winter. Then your use of the car will certainly run without problems. Pay attention to the safety of your trip. Don't rush! Adjust the speed to the conditions of the road. In winter it is slippery. Sudden maneuvers do not affect other road users properly. Stay alert while driving. Put the phone down, hands on the steering wheel and calmly to your destination. It is worth to follow these recommendations. Thanks to this, you and other drivers will reach their destination without any problems. Prepared? Now you can move. Have a safe trip!

Author: JD

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