Warm, warmer, the warmest - hand heaters

Warm, warmer, the warmest - hand heaters

You can already feel the winter. Warm clothes are not always enough. That is why it is worth buying a practical gadget, which is a heater. Especially if you spend a lot of time outside during the day. You can find different types of heaters in our Milworld.pl store. These products are intended for lovers of survival, camping or outdoor sports, as well as for city chilly persons. After all, waiting for a bus that is late due to the winter weather is not pleasant. Therefore, do not be surprised as road workers and stock up on a heater!

Heaters at Milworld.pl

At Milworld.pl you will find several basic types of heaters. The purpose is similar. However, they differ in the source of energy that emits heat. There are 4 types of heaters::

  • carbon,
  • gel,
  • chemical,
  • petrol.

Coal heaters are powered by carbon cartridges. They last up to 6 hours on one cartridge. Their operation is child's play. All you have to do is set fire to one of the edges of the carbon insert and place such an incandescent insert in the heater. Then close the heater and enjoy the emitted heat. In our store you will find Max Fuchs, Highlander and Mil-Tec carbon heaters. It is worth remembering to immediately buy spare carbon cartridges - you never know when we will use everything and the precaution is always insured.

Ogrzewacze węglowe z opisami
Highlander Carbon Heater - See in the store
Max Fuchs carbon heater - See in the store
Mil-Tec carbon heater - See in the store

Gel heaters are reusable. Just boil them in water. Their operation is based on the crystallization process, which is triggered as a result of the user breaking the metal plate. Heat from such heaters is emitted for about 1 hour. The product is very easy to use. When it comes to gel heaters, Highlander and Max Fuchs heaters are available.

Ogrzewacze żelowe z opisami
Highlander gel heater - See in the store
Max Fuchs gel heater - See in the store

Chemical heaters for single use. Their big advantage is the heat generation up to 8 hours. They are lightweight and do not take up much space - you can easily hide them in your pants pockets or jacket or socks. Remember not to put the chemical heater directly on the skin, as there is a risk of burns. To use the chemical heater, simply remove it from its protective packaging and shake it. You can find a Highlander chemical heater, which is primarily safe to use.

Ogrzewacze chemiczny z opisem
Highlander Chemical Heater - See in store

Gasoline heaters are safe to use devices for warming hands in cold weather. They look like a lighter. The source of heat is gasoline vapors transmitted by the filament. The heater hidden in a pocket or put into a sleeping bag lasts up to 12 hours. I must admit that the discreet design of the gasoline heater is pleasing to the eye. At Milworld.pl there are 2 models of a Mil-Tec gas heater.

Ogrzewacze żelowe z opisami
Mil-Tec petrol heater, Silver - See in the store
Mil-Tec petrol heater, Black - See in the store

By using the heater, your hands will never be cold again, and your feet when sleeping under the open sky will be warm. In this way you will save on another pair of gloves or socks. Heaters for hands, regardless of type, bravely face unfriendly weather conditions. It doesn't matter if you like winter madness on the slopes, whether you go on patrol or sleep in the mountains - hand warmers are for everyone! Think about this warmth that will spread through your body, and how nice it will be to go home and not think about how to thaw frozen hands.

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