Trekking socks - how to take care of the warmth of the feet?

Trekking socks - how to take care of the warmth of the feet?

During winter trekking, the fact is that without proper footwear, there is no point in starting anywhere. The shoes are one thing - sure. You should also pay attention to the socks that you wear for this outdoor activity. They are in direct contact with the skin of the feet. If you want to feel comfortable and have fun with your trip, you need to keep your feet warm. How? We invite you to read.

From this entry you will learn:

  • what are the functions of trekking socks,
  • what material should they be made of,
  • how to make the right choice.

Features of trekking socks

In order for the whole mechanism to work together well, i.e. shoes-socks-leather feet, each element must function properly. The main task of trekking socks is to protect against the cold. Another important issue is that they drain away moisture. Your feet will sweat as you walk. You can't avoid it. Therefore, good trekking socks should keep them dry. In addition, the role of such socks is also to minimize the risk of abrasions on the feet.

Natural or synthetic?

The materials of real trekking socks are mainly limited to wool and synthetics such as nylon and polyester. Wool has experienced a kind of revival in recent years. Especially merino wool, which is directly associated with the outdoors. Apart from the fact that it warms the feet well in winter and provides thermal insulation, it is very light and pleasant to the touch. As for the synthetics, they are very durable and effectively wick away moisture. In addition, thanks to the elastane, they are stretchy, which makes them fit well on the foot.

How to choose the right ones?

In this matter, it all comes down to individual predispositions. When purchasing trekking socks, you must feel that the skin of your feet works well with the material from which the socks are made. During the winter walk, you cannot allow your body to cool down from sweating feet.

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Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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