Treasure hunt - how to look for gold, crystal and amber?

Treasure hunt - how to look for gold, crystal and amber?

Each of us has heard legends about the intention to finance the Crosscut of the Vistula Spit with amber, which allegedly is in countless quantities under the construction site. The expectations were enormous, and it ended as usual. 17 kg - this is the amount of amber that has been mined so far (June 2021) in the Crosscut area. Depending on the size of the nuggets, the value of the amber may vary, but not exceeding several or several thousand zlotys. Cost of the Crosscut? At the moment, it is almost PLN 2 billion. Are we starting politics on our blog? Take it easy, we stay on the subject of outdoor activities, more precisely: treasure hunt.

Fishing for amber - Baltic gold

Does the failure of amber exploration in the Crosscut area mean that it is not worth worrying about the gold of the Baltic Sea? In no case, as long as we treat searching as a hobby and not as a source of income.

I became interested in fishing for amber only 3 years ago, after moving to the Vistula Spit. If you want to go in search of gold in the Baltic Sea, it is worth visiting this region of Poland. As a curiosity, it can be added that 90% of the world's amber deposits are located in the neighboring Kaliningrad District.

What is amber? It is probably the greatest treasure of Poland, which is neither a mineral nor a stone. The nugget, which varies in color, is brown, red, and even greenish - it is made of resin that has frozen millions of years ago. Amber is the only treasure of the Earth, or rather the sea, that I did not look for together with my father, and it was he who instilled in me a passion for finding treasures in the 1990s.

How successfully rinse gold?

My adventure with searching for the treasures of the Earth began with the golden ore. For the first time I went to panning for gold with my father over 20 years ago, it was he who gave me valuable knowledge about the search. Our El Dorado was then the Cross Mountain in the Czech Republic, its streams and former excavations. In the past, gold was searched for in mines, the shafts of which stretched a network of corridors with a total length of over 100 km.

You can also look for gold in Poland. Thanks to the knowledge given to me by my father, I can tell you where to look for gold ore - the areas of gold occurrence in our country are wild places near Zloty Stok and Złotoryja. It is enough to equip yourself with a suitable bowl, sit on the edge of the stream and you can rinse the gold. How to do it properly? See my dad's instruction (it is worth turning on the subtitles, because the river can drown out the words).

Searching for precious Stones

In addition to gold, my father and I were looking for various minerals. These are found mainly in Lower Silesia. Pay attention to the former quarries and open-cast mines, places that are particularly dangerous to explore, but rich in real treasures. The most valuable stones are: chrysoprase, amethyst and rock crystal.

What is the search for the latter and why is it not safe? As my father tells me, once on heaps of mine output stuck together with white clay, you could find quartz stones shining in strong light, and with military shovels you can find them today. Most of the mountain crystals, however, are found in quarries and caves, which are not easy to get to, especially without specialized equipment. Sometimes you can also find minerals on exposed walls, loosely embedded among clay and quartz rocks.

Author: Kajetan Adventurer Wilczyński

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