Tour Poland with Kościeliska Valley

Tour Poland with Kościeliska Valley

Time for holidays! Not everyone enjoys their days off during this time. However, not difficult for one who wants it. Even a weekend trip to the mountains can be a good idea. Especially since now only there can we have a substitute for winter. Snow has fallen in the Polish Tatras, the air is freezing cold, and people are smiling because they can tread a bit on the white powder. We offer a trail for everyone, i.e. the Kościeliska Valley from the outlet in Kiry, ending at the PTTK shelter on Hala Ornak. Welcome!

The green trail of the Kościeliska Valley

The entire round trip from Kir to the Hut and back is approximately 11 km, which is around 3 hours. Of course, the whole thing may take a little longer, it all depends on the pace of your walk. When you want to take a longer break in the shelter, this will extend the hike time even more.

Entering the Valley on the left, you will see Jarcowa Skałka - it is limestone containing numulites. Most of the way you will be accompanied by the sound of water straight from the Kościeliski Stream. This combination gives an amazing atmosphere to the trip. After walking about 0.5 km, you come to the Niżna Kościeliska Gate. An interesting fact is that during World War II, they wanted to build a dam here, the task of which was to dam up the waters of the Kościelisko Stream.

The next point on the route is Wyżnia Kira Miętusia. It is a place where the valley clearly widens and you can admire a beautiful clearing. At the outlet of the Valley Miętusia, on the left you will find the green arm of the trail that leads to the Red Ciemniak Wierchy and labeled in black over Regle path. You can make a stop at Cudakowa Polana, where there are benches and a table for tourists.

After about 30 minutes of walking, you will reach the Stare Kościeliska clearing, where the robber chapel is standing. Further along the road, you will pass the Ice Source and the Kraszewski Gate, which is a half-kilometer long rock gorge. After 4 km of hiking, you will see the Pisana Clearing, where there are other benches and tables for tourists. It is also the final stop for highlander carriages.

Wyżnia Kościeliska Gate is the last narrowing of the Kościeliska Valley. The next stage of the route is Skała Pisana, from which you can see Raptawicka Turnia on the right. About 100 meters above Skała Pisana, two hiking trails can be seen on the right. One is black to the Raptawicka Cave and the other red to the Obłazkowa and Mylna Caves. Before you reach the PTTK shelter on Hala Ornak, we will pass the outlet of the Smytnia Valley, Stara Polana and Tomanowy Potok. Then you see Mała Polanka Ornaczańska, and on it this shelter. You can drink warm tea or coffee there and eat a meal in peace.

The way back is the same. We pass all of the above-mentioned locations in reverse order. We can enjoy these beautiful winter views. One, the most important rule on the trail - do not litter!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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