Through the stomach to ... the destination! So, about eating during a winter hike

Through the stomach to ... the destination! So, about eating during a winter hike

Hunger during the journey is not a pleasant feeling. Especially when frost and cold wind are our only companions. A warm and hearty meal will always be good for your well-being and health. Harsh weather conditions can provide many sensations. Better to admire the beautiful winter views than to worry that we have nothing to eat. Therefore, we will advise you on what to look for when choosing the right meals during the trip.

In this article you will learn:

  • why eating during a hike is so important,
  • what meals are the most important.

The feeling of hunger lowers our morale. The body itself tells us that it is time to eat. This may happen more often in cold weather. All because in winter we need more calories to satisfy our sense of comfort. It is worth paying attention to this!

Oh Lord, how many of those calories?!

Physical activity increases the need for energy. In order for the body to function properly, it must be supplied with the right amount of energy. How do we know how many calories we need? Namely, the daily requirement will be shown by the CPM parameter, i.e. the total metabolism. Thanks to this indicator, we will know how many calories we need to consume for the body to operate at its highest speed. Of course, the above value is influenced by many components such as individual characteristics, lifestyle and external factors.

Eating during a winter hike is important because it makes our survival possible at all. The terrain we travel over also has an impact on energy demand. If the terrain varies, that is, there are hills and valleys along the route, we will suffer more than walking on a straight surface. In winter, cold wind and unpleasant frost intensify. This also has an impact on energy consumption. Usually, people who do not lead a very busy life need about 2,500 kcal. On the other hand, with a lot of effort, the energy demand can reach up to 6,000 kcal in winter.

A warm dinner and we move on!

Let's start the day with a solid breakfast. This should be the basis on which to hit the road. You should also put some packed lunch in your backpack. A snack on the way is always a good idea. However, in winter, you should never abandon a warm meal in favor of a few sandwiches. It can just be fatal. Warm food will raise our attitude towards travel. This is one point. The second and more important thing is to warm up the body with food. Thanks to this, we will relieve the body and keep it warm.

If we are aware that on the route we will not go to any shelter for a warm dinner, then let's take a cartouche and a gas stove. We wrote about the best cartouche HERE. Thanks to this solution, we can prepare a fresh dish or reheat the previously prepared one. Moreover, brewing hot tea will not be a problem either. In winter conditions, cookers powered by liquid fuels will work best. An alternative to liquid fuels is a gas canister, which should be warmed up before use - it's best to put it under your jacket for a few minutes. There is nothing better than a warm, solid meal in the field - tasty soup, stew or baked beans.

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