Thermoactive underwear - how to choose?

Thermoactive underwear - how to choose?

Fall and even winter do not have to mean the end of the running or trekking season. All you need is the right and thoughtful outfit to be able to continue your active sports life in peace. What you wear as the first layer of clothes is very important. Thermoactive underwear will be the best possible solution. This is a good solution because, firstly, we do not overheat our body with a thick layer of clothes, and secondly, we avoid soaking our clothes with sweat. How to choose the right thermoactive underwear? Read our post.

Tasks of thermoactive underwear

The basic property of thermoactive underwear is so-called "breathing". This is mainly due to the ability to wick away sweat and water vapor. This function regulates the temperature between the body and the outside environment. On the other hand, it does not allow cold air to penetrate and insulates properly. This leads to the maintenance of the optimal body temperature regardless of weather conditions. The fact that it adapts to the body increases freedom of movement. That is why thermoactive underwear is so eagerly used by everyone practicing all running sports.

What kind to choose?

Of course, it is worth adjusting thermoactive underwear to the type of physical activity and its intensity. The 4 basic variants are as follows: light, warm, all-year-round and thermal. Light underwear will work well during light training or exercise in a confined space, e.g. in a gym. It wicks away moisture very well, but it should be remembered that it does not provide thermal comfort.

Warm underwear will be an ideal solution for physical activity at temperatures below 0 degrees. It can handle during winter trekking or skiing.

A year-round set of underwear is the best choice for autumn and winter running. It removes moisture and provides thermal comfort, i.e. it balances the two most important functions well.

Thermal thermoactive underwear is primarily intended to provide thermal comfort. It does not have to adhere perfectly to the body, it is primarily intended to warm. If you prefer a quiet walk rather than a run, go for this option.

There is a myth about thermoactive underwear that our body does not sweat when wearing it. Man has to sweat, because this is how the body cools down. Thermoactive underwear usually consists of two elements, namely the top and bottom, i.e. a sweatshirt and leggings. If you like to spend time actively in a slightly cooler time, check out the thermoactive underwear at

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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