The perfect sleeping bag - which one?

The perfect sleeping bag - which one?

The summer season is beginning to fall into oblivion. The last days of summer encourage the appropriate use of free time. There is nothing more beautiful than going camping in a picturesque place. It doesn't matter if they are mountains, sea, lake or forest. All these spots have their advantages. Something for everyone. Before leaving, you should get a warm sleeping bag. Especially since the nights have been getting colder lately.

Choosing a sleeping bag

Sleeping bag is the basis of every backpacker's equipment. That is why its properties are so important. Weight is very important. It shouldn't be too heavy when we carry it on our backs. If we go camping by car, the weight is not so important. You need to pay attention to the temperature of the sleeping bag. Namely, you should look at the comfort temperature. It means that the body is in a state of balanced heat balance - it feels neither warm nor cold. There are two-season, three-season and four-season sleeping bags.

As for the type of sleeping bag, the most popular are the envelope sleeping bag and the so-called mummy. The envelope sleeping bag has a rectangular shape. It can be completely unfastened. Well suited to cooler seasons. The mummy has a shape adapted to the human figure. This solution protects against heat loss. Mummy is much lighter than an envelope sleeping bag.

Remember also about the right size of the sleeping bag. It should be well suited to your height. Then the thermal comfort is much greater than when the sleeping bag is incorrectly measured.

Sleeping bags at

Access to all kinds of sleeping bags in our store is open to you. We have sleeping bags for every season of the year. Thanks to them you will be warm and your sleep during a trip or trip will be much more pleasant.

The Challenger Lite 400 mummy sleeping bag from Highlander is the perfect choice for much cooler nights. It is made of high-quality 210T Square Rip-Stop polyester. Additionally, filled with polyester 3D-micro. 4-season, its comfort index is -2 ° C. Good on cold and windy nights. Equipped with a two-slide zipper with an internal protective strip and thermal insulation in the hood, shoulders and feet. An additional advantage is the inside pocket, where you can hide your phone, wallet and documents.

If you prefer the option for three seasons, then the Highlander Echo sleeping bag will be the right choice. Made of 260T Rip-Stop polyester. Equipped with double-sided zippers. Its comfort index is 0 ° C. The sleeping bag is very warm and light in spite of its dimensions. It adapts well to the body shape. The model is offered with a cover. This makes the sleeping bag easy to transport.

If you want an envelope sleeping bag, choose the Sleephaven model from Highlander. Made of wear-resistant polyester. Filled with Mono Hollow fibers that provide skin breathing. Offered with a cover. Works best at temperatures from 4 to 14 ° C. Thanks to it, your sleeping in the fresh air will be much more pleasant.

If you like family camping, you must have a Highlander Sleephuggersz 250 children's sleeping bag. It is a two-season, cozy sleeping bag for your child. Equipped with special holes for the hands. Made of high quality 190T polyester. The comfort index for this model is 9 ° C. In the set you will find a cover in which you can easily transport your child's sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is available in two colors: turquoise and fuchsia.

You must be warm enough at night when sleeping. Otherwise, camping in the field is not fun. Because what that around beautifully, like you're freezing. Thermal comfort is very important for our body. Cooling down during sleep can result in a cold. It's not worth the risk. It is better to insure yourself and buy a suitable sleeping bag.

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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