The ogres have layers, i.e. winter clothing

The ogres have layers, i.e. winter clothing

Who did grandma tell you to dress for onions? That's right, you know it well! Today I know that it wasn't grandma's whims, it was the most holy truth! Winter forces you to combine clothes. Especially Polish winter. Once it snows, once it rains. Sometimes the temperature is in the plus, sometimes it falls well below zero. It is hard for a man to figure out how to dress. Put on a jacket, sweater and sweatshirt? Or maybe another combination? Relax. Most of us have similar problems. We don't want to be sick, because lying in bed is not for us. Therefore, in winter let's be like ogres, because they have layers.

What's up with these layers?

Layered clothing involves applying successive layers of clothing. Each layer is designed to perform a different function. This type of dress is popular in trekking, tourism and sport. It can also be useful every day.

The clothing onion usually has 3 layers:

  • The basic layer– its task is to drain moisture away from the skin. Most often it is made of synthetic materials. It is also worth that the base layer was woolen. This naturally wicks away moisture. It should be the thinnest layer of our onion. This is a piece of clothing that we hardly take off.
  • Medium layer – should be a good thermal insulator. Its thickness depends on weather conditions. It does not have to stick tight to the body. However, it's good when it's not too loose. Then it makes it difficult to drain moisture from the first layer. All layers should work well together.
  • The outer layer – is a protective layer. Its task is to protect against wind, rain or snow. The material from which it is made should be resistant to damage. Its durability affects our comfort. Good if it allows moisture to evaporate from previous layers.

Milworld's ogr

With you can also dress on onions or have layers like ogres. We present how you can dress for the winter. So as not to freeze and not catch a cold. This is our idea.

Basic layer
As a first layer it is worth putting on thermoactive underwear. For our model, we used Mil-Tec thermoactive long underwear and Fox Outdoor thermoactive sweatshirt. They work great together.

Kalesony termoaktywne
Mil-Tec thermal underwear - See in the store
Bluza termoaktywna
Fox Outdoor thermoactive sweatshirt - See in the store

Medium layer
If you don't want a thermoactive sweatshirt, then you can choose the Max Fuchs T-shirt in cool digi camouflage. Of course, pants. We've prepared Surplus pants for you. Finally, Black Highlander sweatshirt. Medium layer out of the head.

Koszulka z krótkim rękawem
Max Fuchs Digital Urban T-shirt - See in the store
Spodnie Surplus
Surplus pants - See in the store
Czarna bluza Highlader
Highlander sweatshirt - See in the store

Outer layer
This is the thickest layer. Must provide protection against the cold. Therefore, the Brandit Explorer Stars & Stripes winter jacket will be the most suitable. Additionally, Brandit beanie cap and SA Co. multifunctional winter shawl..

Granatowa kurtka z kapturem
Brandit Jacket - See in the store
Czarna czapka Brandit
Brandit cap - See in the store
Chusta wielofunkcyjna
Multifunctional scarf SA Co. - See in the store

Layered clothing is the safest outfit model. We reduce the possibility of colds, and thus we have better air circulation. When we get too warm, we can take one of the layers off. We need to read our body. It alone gives signals if it is too warm or too cold. Be like a ogr, wear layers!

Author: JD

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