The most famous Polish camouflage - pattern 93 "Panther"

The most famous Polish camouflage - pattern 93 "Panther"

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence, we will introduce you to the brief history of the Polish "Panther" camouflage. This is the most popular camouflage in the Polish army. Known in military and paramilitary circles. Everyone who has used this masking appreciates its design. Its shape resembles Woodland. However, it differs in color saturation. Polish "Panther" is valued all over the world. What is the history of pattern 93? We invite you to read.

Pattern 93 "Panther"

Camouflage was based on experimental designs designed in the 1970s. The name pattern 93 came from the year in which it was created - exactly 1993. "Panther" became the successor of the "Puma" camouflage. The difference between the two boils down to operational efficiency. The colors of the "Panther" spots contrast with each other more.

Pattern 93 is the first camouflage designed after 1993. It was developed by one of the officers of the Polish special unit GROM. Originally, it was to be used in this unit. In the mid-90s it was adopted in the entire Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. In addition to the Polish Army, it is also used in armed formations subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, namely: the Border Guard, the Vistula Military Units of the Ministry of the Interior and the Government Protection Bureau.

The colors of the "Panther" camouflage uniform are dark green, brown and black, printed on an olive green background. Uniforms are characterized by irregular spots distribution. Masking passed its baptism of fire during the UNPROFOR mission. These were actions aimed at preserving peace in former Yugoslavia. The mission lasted from February 1992 to the end of March 1995.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Polish army began to take part in missions in the desert, including Afghanistan and Iraq. This necessitated the design of the desert version of "Panther". The official desert variant was presented in 2002. The pattern scheme is identical, but the colors have been changed. It had to be adapted to the conditions in the desert.

"Panther" camouflage on

In our store you will complete the entire outfit in pattern 93. All thanks to the Polish brand Texar, which produces clothes in this camouflage.

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"Panther" camouflage is becoming more and more popular among Polish companies producing clothing and accessories related to military items. Thanks to this, the pattern gets into the awareness of more people. The Polish Army is slowly beginning to replace model 93 with other, more modern ones. However, it is the "Panther" that is known as cult camouflage.

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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