The Texas massacre with a survival saw!

The Texas massacre with a survival saw!

In the art of survival, as well as in bushcraft, there are a few basic values that we must take care of. One of the most important is shelter and obtaining and maintaining body temperature, e.g. by lighting a fire. In both cases, efficient work with wood will help us, and good survival equipment turns out to be irreplaceable for such work. The fastest and lightest tool for harvesting and cutting wood is simply a saw. The knife often works much longer, and the hatchet may turn out to be a bit too difficult for the trip. That is why I will present you with 3 suggestions for light and folding saws, which I had the opportunity to test on my last trip.

The first to go was the Max-Fuchs folding saw - before folding it looks like an elongated black tube - around 40 cm in length. I was very discouraged when I packed her into my backpack - I didn't know what to expect. However, to my surprise, the simplicity of assembling this saw positively surprised me. I quickly folded the parts inside the tube and got to work. And here even greater surprise! This saw went through every wood I served her. The system did not loosen in any way, and the screws clung even during the hardest work.

I knew that two saws were still waiting for me, so I started to test with a smile. The second was the Mil-Tec wire saw. Very handy, compact and will fit almost anywhere - from pants pockets, through the wallet compartment or organizer. Thanks to the very low weight, it is completely imperceptible in the backpack, which gives it a huge advantage over the other types of saws. The possibilities shown on the packaging made a great impression on me, such as cutting down high branches of trees. However, the saw performed completely differently than shown in the picture. In the case of thinner sticks the saw can do the most. Unfortunately, when cutting medium and large diameter branches, I was a bit disappointed - the saw could not withstand the pressure - the chain wedged in wood a few times, and at the end of the tests the wire fastenings slightly bent, so further cutting of the wood turned out to be impossible. An additional disadvantage were the wheels that roll into the hand. Although in total there is also a plus - you can use the saw with gloves on :)

The third one I decided to take with me to the forest is a folding saw that looks like a large folding knife. The Wolverine Folding Saw from Highlander, because it was about her coped perfectly with every task that I set for her. Not only that it turned out to be convenient to carry, it is also convenient to use. The rubber used on the handle provided a secure grip both with and without gloves. And the stiff, 18-centimeter blade did not get stuck in wood in any way, while perfectly and quickly cutting into wood. The efficiency and precision represented by the Wolverin survival saw allows me to fully trust this product. An additional advantage of this saw is the blockade, which prevents the tool from folding during work, so I definitely focus on combining speed, pleasure and safety.

It's time for a summary that will allow you to choose your No. 1. The saw from Highlander is a tool for special tasks - it copes with the most difficult tasks, it can be on hand or in dedicated backpack pockets. And most importantly, immediately after taking the tool in your hand, it is ready to work. Similarly with the Max-Fuchs folding saw, although it requires assembly, I think it can easily take place on a par with Wolverin. It comparably copes with different sizes of wood. Its additional advantage is the low weight and handiness, which is useful, especially when you have limited space in your backpack. It was still a Mil-Tec wire saw ... Unfortunately, with a clear conscience I can't recommend it for longer survival trips. Maybe it is quite a handy piece of equipment for the emergency survival can, but unfortunately I was disappointed in it. Finally, I have a short summary for you:

Parameter Folding Saw Max-Fuchs Hand-held Wire Saw Mil-Tec Saw Wolverine Folding Saw Highlander
Wood cutting 9 2 10
Security level of use (lock) 6 2 9
Cutting speed 10 2 10
Convenience of transportation 8 10 7
Comfortable use (in gloves or wet hands) 7 7 9
Ease of use 6 8 8
Weight 7 10 7
Total Points 40 44 35

He tested survival saws on the expedition for you by:
Patryk 'Qki' Kwela

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