Tent care

Tent care

It is true that the holidays are slowly ending, however, successful field trips also occur in September. All you need is a little willingness and a few days off. And above all, reliable equipment for sleeping overnight. In order for the tent to be trouble-free, it must be properly cared for. In fact, proper care comes down to consistency in its application. These are several activities that extend the life of the tent. Often it is in the little things that the key to success lies. This is also the case here. We will suggest how to properly care for the tent.

How to take care of the tent?

It is true that a large number of people using tents do not realize the importance of taking care of them. We perform the first and extremely important activity after returning from the previous trip. Namely, do not throw the tent into the corner, but unfold it so that it dries well. It happens that during the trip we will be met by night rain. Proper drying means that the material will not be damp the next time the equipment is packed. Mold is one of the worst enemies of fabrics. When we allow it to appear on the material from which the tent is made, we can basically start hammering the piggy bank in order to buy a new one.

Where the tent is kept is important. The best environment in which to put it away is in a dry, cool and airy space. Of course, not everyone has this option. Therefore, we usually keep the tent in a specially designed bag. However, before storing it, remember to clean it thoroughly, dry it and ventilate it. We should take these steps even if it did not rain during the trip and the tent is dry.

If you bring a dirty tent, rinse it with warm water and wipe the stains off with a damp sponge and liquid soap. This is due to care for the material from which the tent is made. The softer the detergent, the less risk of damaging the fabric. Therefore, it is better not to wash everything in the washing machine, as this may deteriorate the thermal insulation and waterproof properties.

In addition to caring for the material, cleaning the zipper is also very important. It is true that this is a very tedious activity, but as important as the above. The best way is to scrub it scrupulously with a toothbrush. It is best to do this after each use of the tent. Thanks to this, we will get rid of dust, sand, gravel and other dirt from the gaps. This will improve the lock's operation, and thus its durability. Proper maintenance will additionally improve the movement of the slider - it is worth using paraffin for this. The last step is to pack the tent properly. It's good to assemble it as it was originally, right after your purchase.

Of course, it would be advisable to check the entire structure carefully before camping. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises during the night. If the tent was damaged by improper treatment, check out the tourist tents available in our store!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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