Teenage Forest Adventurers

Teenage Forest Adventurers

How to find your passion? Simple - take action. Instead of waiting for the passion to come to you, constantly search, try, test and check for yourself what you really enjoy. You ask, where to look for passion? Everywhere! At home, at a meeting, during travel, reading magazines, chatting with people, searching for curiosities on the Internet ... Ask questions and dare to do something, even if you have in your head - "and what if it does not come out", "they will laugh at me", "what do I need it for." Passion does not require you to succeed, but only to make you feel that you are proud of what you do. Because it's good to find a hobby that draws you so much and makes you look forward to the next week instead of counting the days gloomily. Today we present to you the story sent by Kamil and Dominik.

On Friday after school, we went to the forest to go camping a bit, relax from everyday life, from routine. However, it quickly began to get dark, and we were completely unprepared, unfortunately we did not sit in the woods for too long. That is why the next day we met early and went hiking, but time passed us so quickly, before we knew it, it was already dusk.

We spontaneously came up with the idea of staying in the forest for the night. We came back home to dress warmer, take sleeping bags and everything else needed for a night camping. Around 20:00 we went again to the forest. However, it was not so easy, especially since our chosen place was somewhere in the middle of the forest, and on the way we had to get through the river, swamps and thickets with only one flashlight. Fortunately, our orientation in the field did not disappoint. We made a bonfire on the spot, hung up hammocks and ate delicious sausages. The night was not the best, at 5 degrees it was cold and the bonfire burned quickly. In the morning we were awakened by a beautiful sunrise and singing of birds, which was worth seeing and hearing.

And the rest, see for yourself!

They shared their passion:

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