Tactical vest - fit it to yourself

Tactical vest - fit it to yourself

Completing the tactical equipment should be done by the person who will use it. In this matter, the key element is to specify your needs. How you complete the assortment must be related to the purpose of using the whole. One of the most important things in an entire tactical suit is the vest. Often, details determine your advantage over your opponent. Therefore, we suggest how to adjust the tactical vest for yourself.

In this article you can read:

  • what to consider when choosing a tactical vest,
  • how to adjust the rest of the equipment to the vest,
  • tactical vest not only for service and for airsoft guns.

Choose the right one

The point is not to look good. A tactical vest must be functional above all. This is the key word! You need to know that you can always rely on its practicality and carrying comfort.

The advantage of a solid tactical vest is its weight. A good tactical vest should be light. So that it does not constitute an additional burden, which can be troublesome anyway. Especially when it comes to dynamics during the action.

In addition, the tactical vest must not restrict movements to a degree that prevents the feeling of self-confidence. You must feel that you can naturally change direction at any time. There cannot be a situation in which your movement will depend on the proper alignment of the vest in relation to the body.

If you add resistance to weather conditions, you will get a complete model. The most important aspect is your comfort in a particular vest. It is you who must feel good in it.

If you want to read about the types of tactical vests - click HERE.

Customize it for yourself

The imperative is not to overload. You cannot let too much equipment on you. You should adjust the contents of the vest so that you can still move freely. Place the pouches in such a way that you have unrestricted access to them, while at the same time they cannot affect your dynamics. Ballistic panels also add extra weight. However, under extreme conditions, they are essential.

Companies dealing in the production of tactical clothing and accessories currently offer an amazing choice in various types of pouches. It is important to choose the types of pouches that you will need. There is no need to overload yourself with equipment that has no added value. If you want to know what are the most important types of pouches, check THIS ARTICLE.

Tactical vest and outdoor sports

Plate carrier or chest rig for a trip to the forest? Why not! It is a convenient alternative to a backpack for a survival expedition. You can have all the necessary equipment at hand. In addition, properly distributed over the entire surface of the vest will be slightly more comfortable to carry than on the back. Of course, you won't take a sleeping bag or a tent with you. So you will be limited to a day trip. You can also do a lot in one day!

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Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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