Tactical protectors - choose the best

Tactical protectors - choose the best

Protecting your knees and elbows during tactical operations is the foundation of proper body protection. The indicated parts of the body are extremely vulnerable to injuries. If you are forced to move dynamically, you often kneel, fall to the ground or crawl, it is worth wearing the right pads on your elbows and knees. When you participate in an ASG or paintball game, the protectors will additionally protect your knees and elbows from hitting them - these are not the most pleasant ones. That is why we decided to give some tips on how to choose the right tactical protectors.

In this article you will learn:

  • what are the types of protectors,
  • how to adjust the protectors to your needs,
  • how to complete a protective suit.

Forewarned is forearmed

There are many models of protectors on the tactical accessories market. As for the knee pads, they are most often fastened with Velcro. Thanks to this, if necessary, you can detach them quickly - this can happen in an emergency, e.g. when running fast. The fragment of the pad that protects the knee is made of various materials. The most popular is hard plastic. It is true that it protects the skin against damage, but it may not be comfortable to use for everyone.

An alternative to this solution is to fill the interior with EVA foam. Knee pads made in this way are more comfortable and lighter. Additionally, when changing the shooting position, they are quieter, i.e. on a hard surface the moment of contact between the ground and the knee pad is less audible. In our store you will also find shin guards. They protect the front leg from the knee to the foot joint.

When it comes to choosing elbow pads, the situation is the same as with knee pads. Namely, manufacturers focus mainly on those with a plastic element that protects the skin. In the case of Condor elbow pads additional EVA foam filling allows the structure to adapt to the shape of the elbow.

When you want to wear as little extra weight as possible, it is worth considering elbow pads, which are made, for example, of neoprene. This will make it easier to carry the load, but the protection will not necessarily be as effective as with plastic.

Match them to yourself

The question of matching the right model depends entirely on your needs. If you want reliable protection, choose hard plastic pads. However, if you focus more on the dynamics of your actions, choose EVA or neoprene protectors. Remember that in addition to the pads, you should not forget about attention and common sense. You are not alone. Your health is also the health of your companions.

If you want to additionally complete your protective suit, choose durable tactical boots and comfortable tactical gloves. Thanks to this solution, you will definitely be well protected!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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