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10 most interesting military camouflages

Combat actions take place in various scenarios. Both in forest areas and in the city. It is the spatial conditions that determine the color of the soldier's uniform. Part of the world's armies create their own camouflage patterns, private companies also do it on request. The point is not to make the camouflage stand out. It is supposed to be effective, i.e. it is supposed to integrate the adept of the art of war into the field. Of course, some of the patterns are specific to a given army. That is why we decided to introduce you to the 10 most interesting military camouflages that you can find in our store.

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Top 10 special units in the world

The purpose of special units are missions that would not be feasible for ordinary military units. Elite secret services operate everywhere. This is their destiny. They perform tactical operations on the water, on land, in the skies or below the water surface. Their mission goals may be different. It is not only neutralizing terrorists, but also search and humanitarian operations. We chose the 10 best special units in the world in our opinion. We present them in random order. We invite you to check!

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10 war games you must play!

The world of multimedia games can draw you in. The most interesting are especially the ones in which we play the role of one of the characters. This type of game has its definition - FPP (first-person perspective), i.e. a first-person perspective, where the eyes of the main character become the eyes of the player. FPP graphics appear mainly in shooters, or FPS (first-person shooter) - a game genre based on combat using various types of weapons, mainly firearms. In FPS, we often only see the hands and weapons of the character we play. Other body parts are visible in short films explaining the story. So are we starting? TOP 10 WAR GAMES!

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10 iconic movie jackets

You probably wanted to play some of the characters in your favorite movie or series. Or maybe you wanted to look like the hero of one of the cult movies? Be like John Rambo or James Bond? It cannot be hidden that often the costumes of film heroes go down in history and become important for pop culture. That is why we have prepared for you a list of 10 iconic jackets from the screen. All jackets are available on our store!

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10 war movies that you must see!

The battlefield, dust and dust rising above it. Sounds of shots, explosions and human scream. The sound of machine guns and the timbre of moving tanks. Who among us does not like to watch it at the cinema or on the TV screen. Often it's blood, sweat and tears. Emotion and anger. Emotions that affect heroes and draw us - viewers. Hate and love. A fight whose death is an indispensable partner. Below are 10 war movies that you must see!

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