Survival tips

Are mushrooms healthy? Eat the mushroom hat to survive

Mushrooms do not have any nutrients - truth or myth? As Kajetan Wilczyński argues, this sentence is completely untrue. However, the content is different and the digestibility is another. If it were possible to obtain all the protein, vitamins and water from mushrooms, it would be possible to hardly leave the forest! Unfortunately - so far this is rather a survival option than the basis of the diet - they will help you in the rainy day. Boletus, porcini mushrooms - how many mushrooms and how will they help a hungry survivor? Find out by reading our blog post.

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Urban survival - preparation for the crisis in the city

If the concept of urban survival doesn't mean anything to you, it's high time to change it. Most of the threats of the modern world are lurking not in the wilderness, but among people. Pandemics, attacks and the effects of a changing climate are just some of the crises that lurk around the corner. But don't worry - you can prepare yourself. How to do it? Survival instructor Kajetan Wilczyński talks directly about the equipment that will be useful. But the equipment itself is not enough - you need to train and adapt to a situation that is very difficult to reflect in a properly functioning environment. Read the post to find out more!

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Hurricane in an open area - how to survive a strong wind?

Powerful winds are no longer rare in Poland. Especially in the field, storms can be a deadly threat, which - thanks to simple recommendations - you can reduce a bit. In the forest, go against the wind and look for a depression. Ideally, the shelter should be sheltered on the top from falling trees. When the hurricane is approaching, but you still have some time, prepare a makeshift pit roof yourself. In an open area, lie down and try to isolate yourself from the surroundings as effectively as possible. Surviving a hurricane wind in the mountains is more complex. Do you want to know more? Read the entry in which Kajetan Wilczyński advises on what to do in the event of a hurricane.

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How to find a place to camp?

It's easy to make a mistake in the field, especially if you get tired and it's nighttime. Before dark, however, it is worth spending some time finding a suitable place for shelter. All this so that in the dark you will not be woken up by noisy animals, winds breaking the tarpaulin or raindrops dripping on your head. How to take care of a dream place that you won't want to run away from in the morning? Read 7 tips from Kajetan Wilczyński, and you will spend the next night in the wilderness in comfortable conditions.

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Independent survival training - how to practice to survive?

From zero to hero - this is how you can briefly describe the training program outlined by Kajetan Wilczyński. Although many survivalist use the strength of the psyche, our specialist emphasizes the importance of physical fitness. A healthy mind in a healthy body - these are connected vessels! But there is a long way from getting off the couch to mastering the art of survival that takes you through aerobic exercise and intervals. Kajetan's training is based on tabata, which allows a slightly trained body to become very efficient. You will achieve all of this with little daily effort. Learn the benefits of survival training for yourself, which will help you survive in the wilderness.

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MGRS navigation - what is it and how to read coordinates?

Reading coordinates on a map is a skill that is already learned in elementary school. But probably no one in primary or even secondary school uses the UTM system, i.e. a map with a grid of flat rectangular coordinates. This is the basis for learning how to use MGRS navigation. What is the Military Grid Reference System and why is it worth using it in off-road areas, where the usefulness of tourist maps ends? You will learn everything from the article by Kajetan Wilczyński, which tells about the use of MGRS navigation in survival and travel. We invite you to read!

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Keep your body warm without fire - alternative ways to keep warm during survival

Sometimes the forest is too wet to even dream of lighting a fire. In a difficult situation, you have to put on the warmth of your own muscles and solid insulation from a sleeping bag, tarp and clothes. Additionally, use any device that is strong enough to increase your body temperature. In the entry, Kajetan Wilczyński talks about the best exercises to warm up the body and about electrical equipment that generates a lot of heat. Can a mobile game help in a survival situation? Find out from reading!

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How to get water and food in winter?

Berries, blueberries and mushrooms are not enough to ensure a strong survival organism. In addition, in winter it is difficult to get even the above-mentioned treasures of the forest, and it is easier to get cold. Fortunately, Kajetan Wilczyński prepared advice on getting food and water. When you only have winter forest at your disposal, you should make use of the snow and any nutrient-rich organisms you can find. Some plants and mushrooms are just around the corner, even in frost. The same applies to wintering insects. If you want to know more, read the article on searching for food in a frozen forest. Some plants and mushrooms are just around the corner, even in frost. The same applies to wintering insects. If you want to know more, read the article on searching for food in a frozen forest.

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Dog attack - what to do when a dog attacks?

If you travel a lot or are often in the countryside, you probably know that it is not uncommon to meet wild, aggressive dogs. An aggressive quadruped can sometimes let go of himself, but it's best to encourage him to leave as soon as possible with the right behavior. First, never turn your back on a feral animal. Sometimes you can do this unconsciously - you just won't notice that the animal is approaching. This is why, while on an escapade, keep your eyes on your head. If the dog doesn't let go, climb a tree or jump over the fence. If there is no obstacle in the area for the animal, you have a problem, but don't worry. From Kajetan's entry you will learn what to do even when you have to fight the dog.

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