Survival for boredom?

Survival for boredom?

The time has come for cold rains and boring, long evenings. Typical November. A few days ago, sitting at a window flooded with rain, I began to wonder how one could go outside, not care about being wet and being satisfied with it. No interesting idea could stay in my head for longer. Until I turned on the Discovery Channel. Curious, I started watching a program devoted to survival. A Bear Grylls was rolling in the mud, in the rain, and he was happy about it. I was in shock! Wow! And yet it is possible.

School of survival

Curious, I started searching the Internet. To my surprise I found information about survival schools. I thought it would be the perfect kind of entertainment for such boring, long, cold afternoons. Survival school is an institutionalized form of survival. Members are divided into adepts and instructors. The purpose of such a school is to improve students in the art of survival. Interestingly, the first school of survival in Europe, namely in Bassano del Grappa (Italy), was founded by a Pole - Jacek Pałkiewicz. Our Polish journalist and traveler has extensive experience in this area - he cooperated with the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center in the survival program, and also taught elite special units of survival strategies in different climate zones. However, survival schools are not the only places where we can get to know survival - there are also numerous associations, groups and meetings. A good example is the Association Polish Survival School founded in 2010, which set itself the goal of promoting survival and propagating survival knowledge. After visiting many websites, only one thought came to my mind: survival is a great opportunity to integrate with other people. Many companies could organize integration meetings at such a survival school. Then you would certainly find out who you REALLY can count on.

I have the knowledge

Survival combines many disciplines. It contains knowledge of psychology, medicine, physiology, botany, rescue, physics, chemistry, trapper, geography, meteorology, etc. To be able to say "I am a good survivor" you must be really well versed in these areas. Such knowledge is helpful not only in the forest or on a mountain trail, but will also be useful during a flood or fire. Interestingly, survival people are less susceptible to any type of addiction, stress or depression. This is because it is easier for them to fight their weaknesses. In short - survival leads to general psychophysical development of man, improves our alertness. And its main premise is to increase resourcefulness and efficiency in operations.

Different types of survival?

There are several varieties of survival. The three main types of activity are: urban, green and military survival. I'll start with the last one. Military survival can be reduced to a recreational variety, but it can also be treated as real exercises and maintaining physical fitness in the event of warfare. In such uncertain times as today, such activity can be useful to everyone. The most important thing is to acquire skills that will allow you to perform tasks that will keep you alive. Another type is green survival, in which we enter a symbiosis with nature. We are focused on recreation, but in a slightly more developed version, i.e. we learn how to cope with natural or communication disasters. Urban survival, in turn, brings us to the city. The emphasis is mainly on experiencing your own capabilities and cognitive elements. We learn different techniques that will help us survive in the urban jungle.

Personally, I was thinking more about starting survival in recreational form. Adventure is what interests me! I started browsing the internet again. Opening a browser, entering a password quickly and a page with results is open to me. And suddenly I have! Survival in the form of tourism and recreation - a combination of spending free time outdoors with the acquisition of knowledge and learning how to survive in an emergency. It is important to fight your weaknesses. Try to prove to yourself that you are able to fight the shortcomings of your character and persevere in adverse conditions.

What's next?

It is not easy to cope without basic knowledge in any conditions, e.g. during a violent storm. If a person does not know what he should not do or how to act, then he can become a threat to himself. We learn about ourselves through each survival activity. We learn how our body reacts in critical situations. We learn whether we can quickly master ourselves and act, whether we are still and wait for something to happen to us. It is better to act. It is better to learn so that there will never be a situation when we feel surprised. Quick analysis of the situation, assessment of the extent to which we are able to ensure security, is indispensable. You should be aware that sometimes seconds decide about our lives, and survival teaches life! Perhaps this is a lofty statement for some, but it's true.

Just reading about survival techniques is very engaging. So how addictive is survival?! I will learn everything next week because I want to test myself! Certainly, it will take time to acquire all these skills. However, in the future I will be aware that I am strong enough that no gale will move me. Of course I won't try to fight it. It would be reckless. However, I will be able to protect myself from it.

Rolling in the mud, in the rain and have the joy of it. Yes! This is my plan for the coming months. I highly recommend you to try it. I try, so everyone can. And how!

Author: JD

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