Snap hooks - a must have product

Snap hooks - a must have product

Hooks are items that will help us to function. They are small and easy to use. They do not take up much space. We just need them. Why? They will serve us in virtually every area of life.

Snap hook vs carabiner - what is it actually?

A carabiner is the basis of climbing equipment. It has the shape of an elongated metal ring with an opening lock on one of the sides. Used to quickly connect two elements. The name comes from the lockable hook on which cavalrymen hung carabiners (from German karabinerhaken). The carabiner is usually made of aluminum and titanium alloys. Thanks to this, it weighs little and is characterized by high durability. Carabiners are most often used by backpackers, speleologists, sailors, people who fly a balloon, acrobats and employees at heights. In contrast, snap hooks are a version of the fastener for everyday use that is not intended for climbing. Carabiners are more a gadget that facilitates everyday life, e.g. as a key ring or an element replacing a broken zip.

Types of snap hooks and carabiners

There are five basic types of climbing carabiners:

  • oval,
  • D-shaped,
  • D-shaped asymmetrical,
  • pear-shaped (HMS),
  • hybrids.

Each carabiner is similarly built. It consists of a body, movable arm and lock. Sometimes the attached element is a lock, its task is to lock the arm in a closed position. Depending on the application, climbing carabiners have the markings:

  • B (basic) – basic, universal in use,
  • H (HMS) – belaying with a semi-elastic,
  • X (oval) – hook climbing, speleology, rescue,
  • K (klettersteig) – helpful for self-insurance,
  • D (directional) – directional, used in coffee machines,
  • Q (quick link) – used by speleologists.

In the case of universal carabiners, we can distinguish:

  • S-shaped – carabiners resembling the letter S,
  • with a rope – designed for securing bicycle luggage, backpacks, hanging tarpa, etc.,
  • spring – the name refers to the closing in which the spring is,
  • with a code – carabiners equipped with additional security in the form of a code,
  • GrimLOC – designed to attach tactical equipment, have a solid clamp,
  • D-shaped – kthe shape resembles the letter D - perfectly fits as a badge to the backpack, fits well in the belt loops,
  • anchor type – enables fastening ropes without having to tie them,
  • screwed – fastened with a screwed lock, durable and resistant.

Snap hook good for everything - popular life hacks

1. Key ring

We can attach the keys to the apartment or car to our snap hook, and then attach them to the belt loop from the pants. That way you won't lose them.

2. Zipper slider

Probably not once slider in your zipper. Now thanks to the snap hook you can easily replace it.

3. Belt clip

The snap hook will also be useful as a belt clip. You can attach a bottle of water or a wallet to it, for example.

4. Must-have tools

Do you have a mess in home tools? A snap hook will help you. Often, when you need a key to tighten a screw, of course you can't find it. Now, by applying ring wrenches to the carabiner, you can easily find any size.

5. Hammock assembly

You are in the forest or on the plot. It is warm weather, so you want to sleep under the open sky. The choice falls on the hammock. You are struggling to properly tie a rope around a tree. You succeed. You sit on him. Slate! You are lying on the ground. Installing the hammock will be child's play with the help of snap hooks.

6. Fastening the sliders from the backpack

You know this feeling when you take off your backpack and suddenly it turns out that all the way it was open. You look nervously if nothing came out. With the help of a snap hook, you can easily attach both zippers, and an unbuttoned backpack will no longer be your problem.

7. A leash element for a dog

Larger dogs have a lot of strength. Often the leashes that we buy for our pets are made of poor material. The clasp bursts under the influence of their fluff. The snap hook is perfect for this.

8. Fastening hair bands

Do you have long hair and don't know where your hair bands are? Wearing them all with a snap hook will always be in one place.

9. Clothes dryer

Drying clothes at the camping is always a challenge. It's worth having a snap hook with you. Thanks to it you can securely attach the rope to the trees, and your clothes will be able to hang peacefully and dry faster.

10. Fasten the plastic bags

I think everyone is annoyed by the collapsing shopping bags on the back of the car. Using the snap hook, you can pin all shopping bags. You will attach them to the headrest bar and the nightmare will end.

11. Hook to hang the lamp

Inside the tent, it is difficult to light the entire space well, which is why it is worth attaching a snap hook to a flashlight or lights, and then hang the whole structure at the crossroads of the rollbars. This way you can be sure that the interior will be evenly illuminated.

Snap hooks that are worth buying

The variety of carabiners presented at can bring a smile to your face. You will find most types here. Thanks to this you will be able to use their universality at will. Here are some of the most interesting:

Snap hooks are a must have product. The number of solutions that can be used is huge. We tried to show only a few of the most interesting ones. Maybe you can come up with some brilliant idea using a snap hook. Imagination opens itself. Buy, test, use!

Left top: Nite-Ize Carabiner Set - see in the store
Nite-Ize D-shaped snap hook - see in the store
Snap hook with Nite-Ize rope - see in the store
Left bottom: Highlander spring snap hook - see in the store
Nite-Ize anchor hook - see in the store
Nite-Ize S-shaped snap hook - see in the store

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