Shoes for hiking in the mountains - what should you pay attention to?

Shoes for hiking in the mountains - what should you pay attention to?

Since traveling to other countries has been made much more difficult, Polish mountain routes are full of hiking enthusiasts. Among them you can meet people who went to the high top in flip-flops or ... high heels. Meanwhile, every mountain hiker knows how important it is to choose the right footwear. Today we will present some basic criteria for choosing trekking shoes in the mountains and show the models from our offer.

What shoes to take to the mountains - that is the question!

For every layman, the basic criterion for choosing hiking shoes will, of course, be the convenience of use. It depends on several factors. On the trail, the ground can be uneven, and even on a paved road it is easy to carelessly step, which is why most trekking shoes reach above the ankle. High footwear protects the foot from possible twisting or more serious injuries.

Tourists are walking along a mountain ridge in the Tatra Mountains. In the background, peaks, mountain pine in front. Low shoes for hiking in the mountains can also work well on the route. A great example is the Squad model by Mil-Tec, which has been reinforced on the heel and on the toe, which guarantees protection against painful abrasions. However, the main advantage of the footwear of the German manufacturer is a rubber sole that allows you to maintain traction on slippery stones. Thanks to the appropriate tread profile, you will not lose your balance on the trail, even during rain or snowfall.

But let's go back to high trekking shoes - how much does it cost? The prices of products at vary, but most models can be purchased for between € 50 and € 70. That's about what decent shoes should cost for years. When looking for high mountain boots, however, you should not save, especially considering the costs of possible rehabilitation after choosing the wrong footwear.

The foot protection can be guaranteed, for example, by the Trooper shoes of the aforementioned Mil-Tec brand - they eliminate vibrations, are solid and available in several colors. They will work well if you are going on an autumn trip to the mountains, during which, in addition to shoes, you will also need a backpack full of clothing.

What to check before buying trekking shoes?

In high-quality mountain trekking shoes, you will find cushioning in the insole and sole (most often with EVA foam). A popular solution is also a non-slip rubber sole, carved to work on mud.

Of course, it is also worth thinking about the upper itself, slightly flexible, but most of all ensuring stability. It is good to choose a model made of a material resistant to mechanical damage, such as suede. Kenyon suede shoes, produced by Brandit, are certainly noteworthy, as they reinforce them at the base of the shoe. Nobody wants to feel pain in the toe after contact with a hard rock, and on a mountain trail - even those with a low level of difficulty - such an event is easy. The upper should not only be durable, but also breathable. That's why it's best to choose suede hiking shoes with polyester mesh. Usually the mesh is located in the side panels, as well as at the ankle and on the tongue.

Most of the models mentioned by us can be worn in the mountains both in summer or autumn, and during the winter season. If you only use your shoes in winter, remember to impregnate your shoes after you return, using the methods we recommend. Proper impregnation will guarantee the perfect condition of your favorite pair of shoes, even after a year of lying in the wardrobe.

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