Put on your hat or you will catch a cold!

Put on your hat or you will catch a cold!

The cold is more and more troubling our foreheads and ears. Especially if we have nothing on our minds. Every mother repeats: "Put on your hat because you will catch a cold!" She's right. Although the myth is that we lose the most heat through the head. This misconception is based on research conducted in the 1950s, which consisted of sending American soldiers to the North Pole. And the statement "heat escaping through the head!" was the result of research results. Although the soldiers lost the most heat through their heads, it was because they had no hats. The rest of the body was properly dressed. The truth is, we lose heat equally on the entire body surface. The scalp is simply more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. That is why we feel cold more in frost. Therefore, it is worth wearing a hat to protect your head from frost.

Where does this hat come from?

In vocabulary, a hat is a headgear that is usually made of a soft material. Sometimes it has hard inserts in the form of a bottom or visor. Caps are usually worn by people, although not necessarily these days. Dogs can also wear hats! The main task of the hat is protection against adverse weather conditions. In Poland, hats have been made since the 14th century.

Selected types of hats

The appearance of hats is influenced by fashion prevailing in given times. Of course, fashion may be different in each region, so we'll learn the basic types of hats:

  • DWARF, SMURFETTE – the cut of the cap with an elongated end, which when put on the head creates a "hanging back", which looks like a cap of a smurf or a gnome; this hat model is designed for both women and men,
  • FLAT CAP – a type of headgear with a visor at the front and a round bottom, the first flat caps were created in northern England in the fourteenth century,
  • BEANIE – a classic hat with a simple finish and the possibility of rolling up; Beanie hats are often equipped with various types of inscriptions or prints,
  • BASEBALL CAP – a sports cap model, equipped with a visor, which is designed to protect the face from sun and wind,
  • PATROL CAP – a type of field cap with a rigid peak with rounded edges; worn by U.S. soldiers Army Rangers during the Korean War; since 2004, the patrol cap has become the basic equipment of the ACU field uniform,
  • LONG EARED CAP – commonly referred to by Poles as a long-eared cap; warm winter headgear usually made of fur, equipped with straps to tie under the chin and flaps to protect the ears from frost,
  • TACTICAL – a type of baseball cap designed for harsh conditions; tactical caps are most often reinforced with Rip-Stop fibers and have ventilation holes and Velcro panels for attaching markings, labels and morale patches,
  • TREKKING CAP – cut cap designed for trekking riders; trekking caps have ear pads and a slightly stiff visor that effectively protect the head from various weather conditions,
  • PERUVIAN CAP, PERUVANIAN – very warm winter hat with ear flaps to protect against cold and wind; the origin of the Peruvian women is not entirely known; some anthropologists and historians believe that chullo is a mainstream product, while the other part claims that Peruvian hats are derived from the pre-Inca culture of Huari,
  • RADAR CAP – a combination of a classic beanie and a baseball cap, modeled on the American cap M1941 of US soldiers,
  • HUNTING CAP – there are various cuts, e.g. cap, peaked cap; hunting caps are distinguished by their pattern / camouflage, which looks like a forest landscape, thanks to which a hunter or airsoft player will easily be able to blend in with the forest background.

Another cap

A unique hat is the Czapka hill. It has a height of 440 m a.s.l. Located in the Opawskie Mountains in the Eastern Sudetes. The Prudnik River has its source on its northern slope.

Caps on Milworld.pl

Nothing, it gets colder, so it's not difficult to get a cold. In such weather, the hat is the only effective protection against frost. In the Milworld.pl store you will easily find something for yourself. The choice related to the color, material or cut of the hat is resolved. Why? It's simple, the number of available models is so large that choosing a hat for your preferences and preferences will not be a problem …

Mil-Tec radar cap - see in the store

Classic radar cap with a characteristic small peak. The advantage of the hat is that when you don't have to wear it, you can easily fold it and put it in your pocket. The cap was withdrawn from the US Army by feedback from officers. They thought the soldiers looked unkempt at it. We think they were wrong. This is evidenced by the fact that it has permanently entered the mass culture.

Highlander trekking cap - see in the store

As usual, a stylish-looking navy color. Cap for trekking riders. It protects well against cold and other adverse weather condition.

Brandit winter smurf cap - see in the store

The fashionable cut of the hat means that everyone can wear it, regardless of age or gender. It is also a good choice for winter sports fans. Riding on a slope in such a hat is pure fun and great comfort. The ears are protected from the cold, and the forehead does not lose heat.

Mil-Tec hunting cap - see in the store

Something for winter walking enthusiasts. Wild Trees Snow Camo provides good head masking in the field. Additional advantages of the Mil-Tec cap are ear flaps and occiput. Thanks to them you can sit in the woods at will.

Peruvian Fox Outdoor Cap - see in the store

A perfect choice for winter walks. The fashionable beanie style emphasizes every style of dress. Cap intended for him and her. Time to put the remote control away from the TV and go outside. Now you will definitely be warm.

Brandit beanie-dwarf hat - see in the store

A perfect choice for winter walks. The fashionable beanie style emphasizes every style of dress. Cap intended for him and her. Time to put the remote control away from the TV and go outside. Now you will definitely be warm.

Fox Outdoor hat - see in the store

The iconic Ushanka hat prepared for extremely low temperatures. Works great during winter trips to the mountains, skiing and everyday use. Also ideal for an evening walk.

It is true that winter lasts only a few weeks. However, it's worth keeping yourself warm when you go outside and take care of your own health. And although frosts are not associated with pleasure, you can make them pleasant with warm, comfortable and fashionable clothes. These are just hats. Now everyone can puke: According to every mother's recommendation, we already have a winter hat!

Authors: JD, JR

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