Outdoor in winter? Remember to keep your body hydrated

Outdoor in winter? Remember to keep your body hydrated

Winter weather spread over most of our country in a picturesque way. Snow covered forest paths and mountain trails. Such weather made some of us leave the warmth of our home to move around a bit in the fresh air. Physical activity at low temperatures makes the body more tired. It requires a little more effort from us than usual. Therefore, one should not forget about proper hydration of the body. The time of the year does not matter in dehydration - it will come as soon as in summer. In this article, you will learn how to transport drinks outdoors in winter.

Don't get dehydrated!

Maintaining the water management in our body during winter physical activity is extremely important. Dehydration in winter is very dangerous.

When can we talk about dehydration? Especially when we lose more fluid than we drink. We sweat less in winter than in summer. However, we don't necessarily lose less fluids. We can lose them as much. When breathing dry and cold air electrolytes and water escapes from us in an identical extent. When our body lacks water, the heart has to pump thicker blood, which puts more strain on it. Our kidneys are also subject to additional stress. In addition, our motivation and ability to exercise are significantly reduced. Additionally, we have a higher risk of frostbite. You should definitely prevent this from happening and ensure regular watering!

Transport of drinks in winter

Then what should we carry the drinks in? What are the practical ways? Well, let's focus on the most proven ones.

For a longer trip, it is best to take a hydration system with you, i.e. a water bag with a tube with a mouthpiece. We can carry it on our back and, if necessary, drink it directly through the tube without interrupting the walk. It is a very convenient solution. Camelback can be placed in a backpack or, if it has the option, carry it like a backpack. During a winter hike, it is a good idea to put a water bag between your underwear and the second layer of clothing or put a neoprene cover over it. You should not pour boiling water into it, let's pour rather warm water so that the water in the tube does not freeze. Let's take a sip from it from time to time or put on a special cover. In our store you can buy functional Highlander irrigation backpacks model Falcon 18 and Falcon 12. Also pay attention to the MFH hydration system, it is a budget solution for irrigation in winter

If we have a shorter journey ahead of us, and we want to have a drink at a higher temperature to warm up a bit during the trip, consider a thermos flask. An important advantage of this solution is the fact that we can also carry a dish or a soup in it. The shell-shaped thermos from the Jack Pyke cartridge is a smaller option, because 0.5 l. If you prefer to take something larger with you, the Mil-Tec thermos with a capacity of 1 l will be a sufficient option for 1 person. An alternative is the Highlander Thermo Mug. You can take it not only on a trip, but also use it every day.

Light winter is not an obstacle to take a drink in a water bottle. It would be best if the bottle does not weigh too much. If we do quick training outdoors, this will be the best. Helikon-Tex water bottles are characterized by high durability thanks to the material from which they are made. The various designs and colors of the bottles add to the unique look. Two capacity options: 550 ml and 1 l.

Remember to clean your camelback, thermos or water bottle thoroughly after each use. If we don't keep an eye on it, mold or other germs may get inside. It is very important for maintaining proper hygiene.

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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