May weekend in the forest

May weekend is a period that is associated primarily with relaxation and free time. Usually it was used for short, several-day trips to the seaside or to the mountains. This year, however, will be exceptional. As you know, the possibilities of movement are limited. This is the time and no other time has come and everyone in the time of the pandemic must find his place. Therefore, we suggest that you spend this picnic in the forest. Surrender to nature and breathe fresh air.

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Outdoor for two, i.e. physical activity for a couple

In the two, always brighter. Especially when it comes to physical activity in the fresh air. Sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself to go outside. In fact, there is nothing better than a little tiredness when exercising together. Outdoor sports can strengthen your relationship with the second half. That is why we decided to present you some ideas for joint outdoor activities.

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Is it summer or is it winter? April has no mercy! So what is worth having on the route

April is the month in which the eager of light and colors of the awakening flora begin to leave the house, and our organisms are hungry for movement, vitamins and minerals. Some of us successfully fight these temptations by staying in front of TV sets, but a large group focuses on activity. Here there is a range of possibilities - from various forms of sport to sightseeing trips. We will focus on hiking in the Polish mountains.

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Winter camp - how to prepare?

Admiring winter views provides a lot of unforgettable experiences. Especially when we go on an interesting trail. It gets serious when we are about to set up the camp, because it will be dark soon. Sleeping outdoors in the winter can be a great experience. Provided that we prepare ourselves accordingly. For the most part, everything depends on us. Proper planning is the foundation. It is worth thinking through all your steps and carefully preparing the camp. We chose a few elementary issues that everyone should remember.

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September trekking

Long walks are one of the most pleasant forms of spending free time. Especially when walking, you can enjoy beautiful views. Trekking is a combination of one with the other. Proper preparation for such activity is crucial. Pay attention to proper footwear and comfortable clothing. September is a good time for hiking. The weather is good for trips during the day, while the nights are not extremely cold, so sleeping in a tent is not a problem. Go on September trekking with Milworld.pl!

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Nordic Walking - actively, that is healthy!

Holidays are a time of vacation and rest. Young, middle-aged and older people are increasingly choosing an active way of spending free time. This is the best alternative to lying on the beach and frying in the sun. Of course, we do not negate this form of vacation. We offer more activity. Thanks to it, we care more about our health. Health is the most important thing! If you want to improve your form, then take the poles in your hands and move. You'll get fit in time. In addition, fitness is not the most important thing. The most important is physical activity. Well, let's go!

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Going to the festival - take everything you need!

The period between June and September favors holiday festivals. They take place all over Poland, but not only. If you are planning a trip abroad - there you will also find a festival for yourself. Most of them are associated with music. Going to a music festival, everyone will find something for themselves. If you are going for a few days, it is worth equipping yourself well. Because apart from a group of friends and good fun, comfort is also important. You'll find everything you need at Milworld.pl!

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Types of ASG games

ASG fans can choose various scenarios of their gameplay. Three models underlie. They obviously have their various improvements. However, we will focus on the foundation. It consists of shooters, LARPs and milsims. It is important how many people participate in the game. It can be several players or even several hundred. The spectrum is huge because it all comes down to a kind of gameplay. Scenarios are different. They can imitate fictitious events or reflect historical warfare. Of course, gameplay repertoires can be combined with each other. Fun must always be the most important thing. Otherwise the whole duel loses its main meaning. What are shooters, LARPs and milsims? Exactly. Let's start.

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Survival for boredom?

The time has come for cold rains and boring, long evenings. Typical November. A few days ago, sitting at a window flooded with rain, I began to wonder how one could go outside, not care about being wet and being satisfied with it. No interesting idea could stay in my head for longer. Until I turned on the Discovery Channel. Curious, I started watching a program devoted to survival. A Bear Grylls was rolling in the mud, in the rain, and he was happy about it. I was in shock! Wow! And yet it is possible.

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