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Kangaroo jacket - the best choice for fall

When it gets a little cooler outside, you should take care of your body's thermal comfort. The change from warm summer days to gloomy fall can be drastic. Before you know it, the day is shorter. For cold autumn mornings and evenings, wear a kangaroo jacket. Each of us likes it when the feeling of warmth in clothes goes hand in hand with the comfort of wearing. A combination of these two functions will give you the kangaroo jacket. Why is this a good choice? See for yourself.

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Christmas present for active people

Some people like to spend Christmas on the couch, others prefer to do something for themselves and do some physical activity. It is for such people that we have prepared another offer of Christmas gifts. Do you have trekking, survival or hiking enthusiasts among your loved ones? Not sure what to buy? Relax. We are here to help you. See what gifts will appeal to people who like to spend their free time actively.

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Christmas tactical gear - choose the best gift

Tactical clothing and accessories are desired gifts among fans of airsoft guns, paintball, military and broadly understood tactical equipment. Choosing the right piece of equipment is undoubtedly difficult. That is why we come to the rescue! We'll make it easy for you! The tactical equipment that you can find in our store is high-class equipment that will work in any crisis situation. Do you want to make your loved ones happy? Tactical gear from will surely bring a smile while unpacking the gift and after.

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What gift to buy for a man? Christmas guide with clothing

Holidays are getting closer. Time for a home atmosphere, delicious food and ... of course gifts. Every year we face a similar problem. What to buy for your loved ones? After all, everyone likes something different. Well then. This creates the opportunity to show off. Some of us decide to give our loved ones some garments. If you know the taste of the recipient well, you can certainly please him this Christmas. In our store you will find the most fashionable clothes!

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Condor - an overview of new products

Who among us doesn't like to refresh their own assortment? Replace worn-out items with newer and more durable ones? Thanks to the use of the latest technology in the production of clothing and accessories, the Condor brand is one of the leaders in the military-outdoor range. Here, the price follows the quality and vice versa. Therefore, especially for you, we have prepared an overview of new products that came to us straight from the United States.

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The right backpack for the route

Is it easy to choose a hiking backpack? Certainly, such a purchase should be well thought out. The market offers a multitude of possibilities. Backpacks are available in a variety of capacities and designs. Some are equipped with compartments and pockets, others have only spacious chambers.

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Mattress or sleeping pad? Trip to the tent

The comfort of sleeping in a tent is extremely important. When you spend the night away, especially outdoors, you want to feel well rested. When trekking in the field, it is worth having lighter equipment with you. However, when camping, you don't have to worry too much about the weight of your belongings. Choosing between a mattress and a sleeping mat is just as important as choosing a sleeping bag or tent. However, not always such attention is paid to it. And it's worth it, because if you made your bed, now you have to sleep in it.

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Tactical glasses - which one to choose?

Eye protection during ASG gameplay is a key issue. The tactical glasses you want to use should be certified. It would certainly be unpleasant to be hit with a plastic ball in a naked eyeball. That is why it is worth taking care of your own safety. It is what tactical glasses will provide us with. It is not worth saving on protecting your own health. Check the tactical glasses at

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Sun protection – a hat with the peak

The African heat plagues us mercilessly. That is why it is worth properly protecting your body against the hot sun. One of the most sensitive places on the human body is the head. A cap with a peak will be a good protective solution. It covers the top of the head and the face well. If necessary, you can turn it over to cover your neck. If you like spending your free time outdoors and you don't mind hot weather, then has a cap for you.

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Which cartridge is the best?

A hot meal should be one of the inseparable elements of any long field trip. It will allow us to regenerate and put us on our feet. But how to prepare it? One of the simplest solutions is a gas stove - it does not take up much space in a backpack, and its weight does not constitute a noticeable burden. We roughly have several types of burners - screwed, hammered and pressed (Easy Click). It is also possible to buy adapters that allow you to connect various burners with various types of gas cartridges. But what to choose? This is the topic for today!

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