Not only Santa Claus wears a cap

Not only Santa Claus wears a cap

A cap and scarf under the Christmas tree is a proven gifts. Although they may seem well-worn. Who has not received them for Christmas at least once in their life? We know it perfectly. This year it may be similar. However, with such a set takes on a completely different meaning. New collection, new designs. All this to make the person you give the gift feel special. For some time, wool chimneys have begun to displace classic scarves. We are also following this trend. A chimney is a much more practical solution. Here are our suggestions!

Caps and chimneys on

A wider range of colors is available on our store website. How many people, so many tastes. Everyone likes different styles, different materials. You can find all the most fashionable models.

This is the familiar "dwarf" cap by Brandit. The advantage of the Beanie Jersey Bicolor model is that it is double-sided. Made of cotton, which protects the scalp well against wind and cold. A double layer of material ensures comfort and maintains the right temperature. The cap fits well with both every day and sport styling. If among your loved ones there is a person who likes to play winter sports, then this model is perfect. A great choice when running, cycling or winter trekking.

Santa will bring a good person a cap with a star. Beanie Star winter gnome from Brandit. A warm, teddy bear lining will protect your head against cold gusts of snow and snowfall. Beanie has a smooth, knitted finish, making it versatile. Looks good on the head of a man and a woman. The variety of colors means that you will definitely choose something for a member of your family. Made of viscose (outer part) and polyester (lining).

It's time for the chimney and it's not about the chimney through which Santa Claus usually enters in his red jacket. It's about protecting the neck with a specific piece of material. The Brandit Loop model will do it best. No wind and cold will break through this dense weave of fibers. It has stretchy properties that make it resistant to tearing. Just in time for the winter.

The Beanie model in the next installment. Cap John is designed for all lovers of urban style combined with classic elegance. Intended for men and women. All thanks to the knitted construction that will appeal to everyone who likes good looks. It's extremely warm thanks to the material it is made of. It is a combination of viscose and polyacrylic in the outer part and a polyester lining. In such a hat, the ears will definitely not be cold!

An alternative to the chimney! Multifunctional winter shawl from SA Co. If you want the person you give a Christmas gift to look awesome - don't hesitate! It doesn't matter if it's going out or going skiing. Shawls by SA Co. work in every situation. The warm, fleece interior and Frost Tech ™ technology provide optimal protection against cold winds. Shawl is made of fleece. In addition, it is seamless. It guarantees a stylish and unique look.

Cap just right for skiing on the slopes. Very warm MA1® cap from Mil-Tec. The side ear flaps can be fastened with a buckle above the head or under the chin. Inside, it is lined with polyacrylic fur. In this cap, the head is not exposed to overheating and excessive sweating, because the material does not absorb moisture. Best at extremely low temperatures.

A unique piece! Cap stylized as a traditional Peruvian headgear. Fox Outdoor created the Peruvian Callao model, which reproduces the ethnic patterns of the Andes well. Made of acrylic and fleece. The earmuffs are finished with braids that can be tied under the chin, thanks to which the ears will be well protected from the cold. If your relative is skateboarding or skiing, give him a present. If not - it's also a gift for him!

People value practical gifts. The ones that will be useful to them in life. A cap, chimney or shawl is such a gift. Perfect in its simplicity. If the whole is finished with an interesting pattern or original print, it is even more so. A smile is guaranteed!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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