Nordic Walking - actively, that is healthy!

Nordic Walking - actively, that is healthy!

Holidays are a time of vacation and rest. Young, middle-aged and older people are increasingly choosing an active way of spending free time. This is the best alternative to lying on the beach and frying in the sun. Of course, we do not negate this form of vacation. We offer more activity. Thanks to it, we care more about our health. Health is the most important thing! If you want to improve your form, then take the poles in your hands and move. You'll get fit in time. In addition, fitness is not the most important thing. The most important is physical activity. Well, let's go!

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is different from walking because apart from the legs we also use the strength of the hands, pushing ourselves with sticks. Thanks to this, we engage more muscle parts: chest muscles, triceps, biceps, arm and abdominal muscles. Our arms strength and endurance are developed. It will be easier to climb the hills and burn more calories than with normal walking. The biggest advantage of Nordic Walking is that you can start your adventure everywhere. By the sea, in the woods, in the park, in the mountains or even in the city - the season is not important either.

Nordic Walking is especially recommended for overweight people, because it does not burden the joints too much. In addition, it does not strain sore knee joints. Good training has many health benefits. Improves the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The oxygen we supply to the body during training increases by 20 to 60%. Walking with poles helps to maintain a better posture, balance and stabilizes our figure. Nordic Walking was invented in Finland in the 1920s. Initially, it was treated as a year-round training for cross-country skiers.

How to start your adventure with Nordic Walking? It's easy. All you need is a little desire and properly selected sticks. You can start your first march with poles hanging loosely along the torso. After walking a dozen steps try to find your rhythm. Then join the movement of the hands with sticks. The right position is the right leg and the left arm in front. Then step and push away. Similarly, we make the same move to the other side. It's important not to go tense. The handle should be loose so that it rests on the handle strips of the stick. The bottom of the stick should not be pulled forward. How you spike the stick into the ground is also important. Try to do it diagonally, preferably at an angle of 60 °. Keep your shoulders down. To keep the right rhythm of your gait, push yourself with your toes. There is nothing to take too big steps. The technique may not be so easy to master. At first, don't think about technique. It will come with the amount of training. The most important is having fun.

How to choose the right poles

The stick should consist of 3 elements: handle, correct pole and tip. Preferably, the poles are made of aluminum or lighter fibers, e.g. glass fiber mixed with fiberglass. Aluminum ones are a bit heavier, but they last longer.

To buy good Nordic Walking sticks, you should position them vertically and grab the handle. The poles will fit your body properly if the angle of deflection at the elbow is around 90 °. If you cannot check the height of your poles because you want to buy them online, use a simple converter:

Your height x 0.68 = pole length

At you will find Nordic Walking poles. We have Fox Outdoor and Highlander models.

Fox Outdoor Nordic Walking poles are made of aluminum, making them durable. They are equipped with the Anti Shock system, which means that we do not feel vibrations during use. The length of the poles is adjustable. The handle is made of cork wood. The set comes with a cover.

Highlander Mull telescopic poles are also made of aluminum. Ergonomic handles are made of plastic. The poles are adjustable, so you can easily adjust them to your figure. They are equipped with Anti-Shock and Twist Lock systems. They will improve stick adjustment and length locking. Good for all seasons.

In Nordic Walking, age and level of physical activity are not important. It is often used to rehabilitate some diseases. Our whole body works during training. Upper and lower muscle parts. Remember to warm up first. People often forget about this aspect. If you feel ready, go. Walking with sticks can be addictive. Now you can be a DRAG!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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