Minimum self-sufficiency, or how to choose survival EDC

Minimum self-sufficiency, or how to choose survival EDC

Bushcrafters call it EDC (Every Day Carry), the military IPS (Individual Survival Package). Different names, but a common task, which is to provide the owner with a minimum of self-sufficiency in casual terrain.

A set of items ready for use in an emergency must be: waterproof, small (it can be carried in a pocket in case of loss of equipment) and resistant to mechanical damage.

The basic IPS looks similar to most Special Forces operators. It can be divided into sets, each of which is responsible for a separate aspect of military survival:

  • a set for starting a fire (impregnated matches, tinder, artificial tinder),
  • water treatment kit (water treatment tablets, condom),
  • a set for obtaining food (hooks, line, wire for snares),
  • a set for building a shelter (NRC foil, rope),
  • a repair kit (silver tape, needles and threads),
  • a signaling kit (mirror, whistle),
  • a first aid kit (medicines, dressings).

In addition to the above, there are also additional elements, selected depending on the individual preferences of the user.

My survival kit has not changed for years and contains a minimum amount of the most useful items. These are:

  • button compass,
  • little tinder,
  • a condom (for carrying water),
  • water treatment tablets,
  • NRC foil,
  • mini flashlight.

I wrap the whole thing tightly with a silver repair tape, thanks to which the set becomes waterproof, it does not pinch in the pocket, and the tape itself can be used to repair the equipment.

I consider the above set to be sufficient, while for more demanding travelers, companies such as MFH or Highlander create much richer packages.

Some of them I discussed in one of the episodes of "Camp Milworld”.

Author: Kajetan Adventurer Wilczyński

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