Military - fashion, hobby, lifestyle?

Military - fashion, hobby, lifestyle?

For some time, it has been said that military style is becoming trendy, that it is entering the world of both women's and men's fashion. Other items of a military type, especially those from demobilization, are the object of sighs of many collectors. Let us ask ourselves, what is hidden under the word "military"? Well, we call militaria everything that is in any way related to the military, such as firearms and melee weapons, equipment, uniforms and other items, both historical and contemporary, but made in a military style. The most important thing is that the copy resembles the original in every detail.


Very often we meet people whose wardrobe is inspired by military style. Military hats, scarves, sheepskins, shirts, jackets, coats, pants, shoes and many others have become very popular. Today, no one is surprised that someone wears boots, heavy lace-up shoes, coats or jackets with military decorations.


In this case, it is about the most original items, those that were used during warfare or at least during military exercises. All types of military items enjoy collectors' interest. Starting from dog tags and ending with tanks, tracked vehicles, cars and armaments and generally understood military equipment.

The art of survival

More and more people like to spend their free time outdoors, away from civilization on the so-called in nature. The further away from human clusters and the more difficult the conditions for normal living are, the more we have to count only on ourselves. Whether we can survive and how we do it will depend only on how we handle the difficult conditions. It must be remembered that it is about the health and safety of all participants of the expedition. This is especially important when children also participate in survival camps.

In addition to skills, you also need to have the right equipment and equipment necessary in such conditions. There are a lot of military equipment here. Proper clothing adapted to weather conditions, tools needed e.g. for pruning branches and building a hut, stoves or objects to help make a fire, chemicals against insects, kitchen equipment, flashlights, kerosene lamps, sleeping bags, etc.

Military enthusiasts are people who either want to have a durable and fashionable wardrobe item, are collectors of military equipment, or those for whom gaining survival skills has become a life hobby.

Author: MGD

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