Military May picnic!

Military May picnic!

In a few days picnic, so ... time to rest! We come to you with a plan for an unforgettable weekend. The article is especially recommended for men.

Warning! The action plan has been developed to perfection, and each of you will be able to feel like a real commander before the decisive battle. And best of all - the next day, nobody will be nagging at your ear that you have drunk too much. No magic! But to the point - I present to you an action plan on how to make a miracle by the Vistula by outsmarting your wife and organizing a military-style picnic.

And here is a sacred rule - A man has already listened to a woman once and was banished from paradise :)

Let's start! When you plan to change your partner's picnic plans, you have to reckon with the fact that a badly carried out action may end in failure, and worse, you may lose your bed space for at least a few days. Therefore, focus now, because I will not repeat it twice!

  1. Situation before the battle – find out what your partner's mood is, if she has worse days, just skip right away, unless you go to her with chocolates, then you can somehow get along. You must be like a real spy - first ask how she feels, let her know that you care. Then say that you see how much she works and that you appreciate her effort. That is why you care about spending the evening together and having fun. And nowhere is better than at home :) The foundations have already been built. We go further.
  2. Operation planning – when it comes to the main confrontation, you must be prepared for every opportunity, literally any. If you hear any complaint, remember to say that it's especially for her, because you really appreciate her planning skills, logistics and full professionalism, and besides, you haven't had the opportunity to show off her wonderful features to your colleagues and you would like to finally do it. And your friends will definitely be jealous of you having performed such a miracle with your own strength.
  3. The course of the battle - approach march - planned attack. When exploring the area, we have already planted the seed to remain at home - now we must help this seed to grow.
    – Honey, do you remember me saying that we would stay at home?
    – Yes, and what, are you going with friends for a beer?
    – Not at all, I just wanted to offer - maybe we would invite a few more friends and have a party like in the old days?
    If you have thought through the second point well and lead everything flawlessly, you can stand in front of the mirror and, like Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver", give your monologue.
  4. Victory - everything is decided, now we are starting to buy the right equipment, accessories, masking paints and everything we need for our house to turn into a real military field or military base.

Masking nets, bases and obstacles

If your friends have children and you want them to come, organize a space for small military lovers. A cardboard tank and a base made of chairs, blankets and pillows, or a tent, will be perfect. I don't know about you, but I miss it as hell. I remember building my base with my brother - everything that was useful ended up in our room. And then we took sweets from the bar and a flashlight from the basement and pretended to tell scary stories. I still remember how each of us built his own fortress, and then we threw paper balls or toys at each other. THOSE WERE THE DAYS - torn knees, orangeade powder and running around until it got dark ... But back to the topic - masking nets – you can choose from nets in winter camouflage (Snow Camo), desert (Desert 3-color) or Desert 6-color) or traditional, i.e. Woodland, DPM or UCP. As they say: from the color to choose from. Masked interior, now it's time to camouflage body elements. The main thing - buy only non-toxic and odorless. A friend once risked a Chinese fake and spent the night drinking lime. Face painting is a basic element of a military event. Depending on the number of colors, you can create a 2 or 3-dimensional effect. When applying camouflage paints, there are 3 simple rules - as in marriage - EXACTLY, EVERYWHERE and OFTEN. You know everything about it;)

Meat, sausage and potatoes

The real love, of course, apart from the other half and children, is meat. Therefore, it can never be missing on the table. Residents of the houses - light a barbecue in the garden or make a small fire. In contrast, those who live in the block of flats, I recommend the oven or balcony of the neighbors who live on the top floor. As an addition I suggest baked potatoes, some salads and a good drink. And here your partner should get a minimum Nobel, Oscar, Golden Globes and other honorable prizes for all prepared things. Yes, gentlemen, appreciate the fact that your women cook for you, because unfortunately men do not always have the talent to make dinner from one product.

And if you don't want to prepare everything for you, there is always an option that everyone must bring something to eat. The plus is that it will be less to wash and clean.

Outfits and ghillie suit

The theme of the event obliges to appropriate styling. Your partner can go crazy here - combine, choose, dress up and all the other woman's stuff. Attention! If the wife does not know what to wear, and this is always the case, tell her that she would look great in the outfit of a sexy military nurse or lady officer in a slightly more unusual outfit. There will probably not be a problem with you - if you are a fan of hunting, military or paintball, clothing is no obstacle. You can always invest in Ghillie Suit and then use it for hunting.

Post Scriptum: Do not try to go out in the street to civilians in this outfit, especially when you are not sure of your sobriety. Such fun ends either by hunting the Yeti or pretending to be a bush and scaring people. Maybe fun is guaranteed, but over the next few days you can fight a cold for survival.

And that would be enough about military events. It really depends on your imagination and ideas. My advice to you - you are the only person in the world who can use his potential, so do not waste what you have; don't sit on the couch like a typical couch potato and spend the picnic actively with your friends! :)

Author: Joanna Rassmus

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