Mechanix Wear gloves - specialist and universal

Mechanix Wear gloves - specialist and universal

Do you use your hands at your work, do you need to secure them properly or do not want them to get cold? This article is for you. The Mechanix Wear brand is one of the most respected manufacturers of rally, tactical, specialist and winter gloves. It's a global leader. Trades such as automotive, industrial, military or construction benefit from solutions introduced by Mechanix Wear. The materials from which the gloves are made are characterized by high technological parameters, resistance to abrasion, shock and vibration absorption. They perfectly protect against injuries. Go to and choose the perfect model for you.

Mechanix Wear its first gloves (The Original® model) designed for NASCAR Daytona 500 car races. The debut took place in 1991. They were remarkable functionality and fit to the hand. They gained recognition among racers and mechanics. All thanks to materials that allowed drivers to grip the steering wheel confidently and added confidence while driving. Mechanics, on the other hand, could focus on repairing cars instead of making sure their hands were not damaged. Due to the great success of Mechanix Wear, he decided to develop the manufactured gloves to further increase the scope of their safety and the effectiveness of the rally crew members.

The leather from which the gloves are made has the right properties. In the winter, it warms the hands, while in the summer, the hands are not allowed to sweat. Depending on the model, four types of animal skin are used for production: cow, goat, deer or pig. Each type has different properties. Some have more grip, others have less. Others may be more comfortable to wear than others.

Most gloves have standard EN 388, which confirms that protect against mechanical risks. Thanks to this, they are resistant to abrasion, tearing or cutting. In addition, the materials from which the gloves are made protect the most sensitive areas on the hand, e.g. ankles or phalanges. This is a huge advantage.

Mechanix Wear gloves at

In our store you will find a wide selection of gloves. The catalog includes most of the models available on the market.

As winter approaches, stock up on Polar Pro. It is a wind and waterproof model made of leather and thermoplastic rubber. You can use them during winter snow madness. They are suitable for skiing or snowboarding. Knuckles are covered with 5 mm EVA foam, which has shockproof and protective properties. You can operate touch devices without removing them.

If you spend your free time playing ASG, paintball or at the shooting range, then the M-Pact copy will work best. The thermoplastic rubber panel properly protects the ankles and fingers. Armortex® fabric and synthetic leather increase grip. The material on the index finger is made in such a way that pressing the trigger is quick and effective. You can use your phone or tablet in them.

Material4X FastFit model for handymen, mechanics and construction workers. You can quickly put them on and take them off. Made of breathable TrekDry® material, thanks to which the hand does not sweat excessively during work. This function is extremely appreciated among all employees using their hands. After work, you can wash the gloves in the washing machine. The material does not lose its properties. They are resistant to abrasion and tearing.

Specialized Tempest tactical gloves. Variant designed for fans of tactical equipment and military. Fireproof materials: Nomexu and goatskin were used to make them. They provide some grip and good control of feeling. The whole structure is reinforced with Kevlar® threads. Thanks to this, the gloves are properly protected against tears and damage. They are light and do not restrict movement.

The M-Pact Fingerless Covert model can be an alternative to disliked finger gloves. Made of a combination of high quality materials, it provides traction and resistance in harsh conditions. Thermoplastic rubber panels protect your ankles. The gloves use Impact Guard ™ technology, which consists in protecting the outside of the hand from bumps and abrasions.

If you want to properly protect your woman's hands, Original Women’s Covert 0,5 gloves will be the perfect choice. Works in difficult conditions. Made from AX Suede ™ and TrekDry®. This is a very durable connection. Gloves are perfect for precise shooting. The material allows the skin not to sweat excessively, protects well and improves comfort. Now you can participate in the ASG, Paintball or shooting competitions in two.

Mechanix Wear designs its gloves for everyone using their hands for work. If you are a mechanic, a construction worker, you ride a motorbike or your passion is military, then these gloves are for you. Comfort and durability guaranteed!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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