Masters of camouflage among animals

Masters of camouflage among animals

Not only soldiers can camouflage themselves perfectly. The real masters of camouflage are animals. They naturally develop the ability to blend in with the background. They do it mainly to hide from predators or when they hunt themselves. Their camouflages can be spectacular. We are often unable to see with human eyes that there is actually a pet in the picture. Exotic species that have the ability to camouflage themselves are amazing. To believe it, you must first see it.

How do animals camouflage themselves?

There are several reasons for animals to camouflage themselves. The most common:

  • want to adapt their body color to the surroundings,
  • want to make predators more difficult to see them, which is why they release special chemicals into the environment,
  • fish try to cloud the water,
  • try to adapt their shape to the background of the environment in which they occur.


To rationalize it all, you should look at examples of camouflaged animals. Some are breathtaking.
The true master of camouflage is all the well-known chameleon. You will soon find out that he is just one of many.

Moths can also camouflage themselves perfectly. They hide from bats, which also feed at night.

A Madagascar gecko could be a camouflage professor. He would teach soldiers how to properly hide and be unnoticed.

Owls are other creatures that can be invisible. Specialists are Australian Beetles. Is it a bird or a tree?

Grasshoppers camouflage well among smaller animals. See for yourself.

The master of blending in with the background is a toad. Sitting amongst the leaves it tries to be imperceptible. Such species can be found in Colombia.

Octopuses also have the ability to mask their body. What do you say?

A real master of camouflage won our hearts. An individual commonly called a chameleon cat. Nobody will see him!

Animals can surprise. Their camouflages are the most natural. The environment in which they live creates their appearance. They must adapt to the conditions and the food chain. Through camouflage they try to survive. With all this we can admire their beauty.

Author: JD

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