Limited travel budget? We have a solution for this!

Limited travel budget? We have a solution for this!

Camping trip has always been associated with quite cheap rest. However, with the increase in interest in this form of accommodation, prices at the campsite have risen quickly. In addition, there are usually additional fees for a dog, warm shower, use of a kitchenette or pitching a tent in a more favorable plot. That's why we come to the rescue and advise you on how to reduce expenses when traveling to a tent!

  1. Borrow equipment from friends

    Before you buy camping equipment, you should smile at your friends and ask if any of them can borrow, for example, a tent or cooking utensils.

  2. Use the pots you already have in your kitchen

    It often happens that you have a frying pan or a pot that you no longer use, and it's a shame to throw it away, because it can still be useful. And you are right - it will be useful for you at the camping.

  3. Share the things you have more

    If you're traveling with friends or planning a trip with several families, find out who takes what. Thanks to this, you will avoid duplicating things and spending unnecessary money on what is already there.

Lista przedmiotów.
Lista przedmiotów.
  1. Prepare food by yourself

    If you have the opportunity to take food and drink with you, be sure to use it! Delicious homemade coffee from a thermos and a traditional roll with cheese will give the character of the whole trip, and the money you would spend at a gas station or bar, you can put in the piggy bank.

  2. Plan your meals

    Although many people do not like cooking while relaxing, preparing your own dishes is up to 70% cheaper than dining in a restaurant or bar. It is worth preparing quick and easy meals that will require the use of one pot or pan, such as pasta with sauce, various types of soup (tomato, Mexican, pea), buto, goulash, pasta with egg and many, many more; it is worth taking a look at various sites earlier and looking for easy recipes for stew dishes.

  3. Prepare ready-made meals of various dishes at home

    Dry ingredients, e.g. for preparing pancakes, can be stored in a container or jar. Thanks to this, you will save space in your luggage, as well as reduce its weight, because you do not have to take full packaging of products.

  1. Use packaging or everyday products as camping gadgets
    Use the Tic-Tac box as a container for spices or a mini sewing kit. Cut the soap into thin slices to get soap sheets for washing or bathing. Transform a water can or a large rinse aid container into a portable shower. Shape the aluminum foil into a mini frying pan where you can make fried eggs.

  1. When choosing a camping site, make sure it is in an area where you can explore or discover a lot
    During the trip there are many attractions that do not require special equipment or payments, e.g. build your own raft or hut, organize a walk-in or hide-and-seek, collect forest fruit, design your own playground, swim in the lake or just stop for a moment to appreciate prevailing around the peace and quiet.

  2. Avoid unnecessary expenses
    Although, a campsite with a swimming pool, massages or a tennis court can be an extraordinary convenience for you or children, remember that you have to pay extra for all these attractions. Most often, the prices for accommodation in such fields are two or even three times higher, and you will still have to pay for admission.

  3. Always be prepared!
    If you forget, for example, sunscreen or mosquito spray, you will have to go to the nearest store and buy new products - and as you know, prices in such stores are often overpriced. Take a look at the text "What to take with you?"

Author: Joanna Rassmus

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