LED flashlights - tourist and tactical lighting

LED flashlights - tourist and tactical lighting

You never know what situation you will be in at nightfall. The planned return may be delayed and walking down the mountain in the dark may result in injury or getting lost. There are many more uses of flashlights - they not only facilitate camping activities, but also allow you to reveal your location or send a Morse code signal. We have already written about the headlamps, which is why today we will tell you about handheld and gun flashlights using the example of Armytek models.

Keychain, searchlight, tourist flashlight

Even a glowing key ring can be helpful, especially if the manufacturer has adapted it to be mounted on a headband. You can never have too many pocket flashlights - they will be useful for finding accessories in a backpack and will be a backup option if a more powerful model refuses to obey.

Before leaving, it is also worth equipping yourself with solid, approximately 1000-lumen flashlights, such as Armytek EDC Prime C1 or C2, models that differ in length. In the event of a search action or in the event of difficult weather conditions, a searchlight will be necessary - the flashlight widened at the lens gives a wide beam of light. The Canadian brand opted for the handy Barracuda model, named after the long, large-toothed fish.

Tactical flashlights for mounting on weapons

An additional buckle-shaped handle allows tactical flashlights to be mounted on a weapon. This is the specificity of Armytek models, because in the case of other brands, devices are mounted, for example, on a rail. The company from Canada gave a choice of tactical flashlights from the Predator series (narrow beam), Viking (stronger, wide beam) or - an intermediate option - Dobermann. The Partner models are also worth recommending, perfect for both tactical and everyday use.

LED flashlight - what to pay attention to?

In addition to the type and brightness of the flashlight, it is worth paying attention to the casing and the standard of water resistance of the product. It is good if the model is made of anodized aviation aluminum and has an IP68 water resistance class. When searching in heavy rain at night, it is easy to see how important it is to effectively protect your equipment against water. It should be noted that IP68 is also dustproof - this is a useful convenience, especially if the accessory is used in a desert or a beach.

No less important is the large number of lighting modes, which allows you to adapt the operation of the flashlight to the conditions, and thus - save energy. The above issue is related to the number of hours of operation on a single set of batteries or on a single battery charge. When planning a long trip, it's best to equip yourself with a large number of power sources or take an extra flashlight.

You can buy accessories, for the devices, such as the previously mentioned handles, as well as filters that will allow you to change the color of the light. As standard, the flashlights shine with cold or warm light, and with an additional diaphragm, you can get a green, blue or red beam. Among the handles, it is worth mentioning the mounts for the helmet and a special eyelet on the belt, thanks to which the flashlight can always be carried on the hip or on the backpack.

Author: Tomasz Świgoń

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