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Milworld Logistics - we are starting transport activities!

We show that in addition to running a military store, we can also operate in transport, logistics and shipping. The newly established company Milworld Logistics is a guarantee of fast delivery not only of the assortment on our shelves, but also of goods for other companies. We have numerous advantages, the most important of which is qualified staff - specialists who will help the client in any situation. It is not worth forgetting about monitored warehouses, our own workshop or a modern fleet of rigid (solo) trucks and tractor units, with which the transport is both safe and fast. We cordially invite you to read the article about Milworld Logistics, offering attractive transport services.

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Chaga mushroom - a medicinal mushroom useful in survival

What is the name of a fungus that looks like a burnt growth on a birch tree from afar? It is chaga mushroom, which was appreciated by indigenous peoples for its medicinal properties. As scientists have proved, there was a lot of truth in folk wisdom - it hides inotodiol and lanosterol, compounds responsible for removing damaged cells, including cancerous ones. However, we are interested in the use of chaga more than medicinal uses - as this is also the name of black mushroom growing on trees - in survival. If you want to learn how to use it in the art of survival, be sure to read the new post by Kajetan Wilczyński.

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Five songs about tanks for Tankman’s Day

On the occasion of Tankman's Day, we have prepared a list of 5 noteworthy songs about tanks. Tracked armor has many songs about it, not only abroad, but also in Poland. From Kaczmarski, through Swedish heavy metal, to modern rappers - we tried to maintain diversity, while discussing the specifics of different models of tanks or armored divisions. In the article you will also learn why the Festival of Armored and Mechanized Forces falls on June 17. Read on!

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Survival LARP - Field Survival Game
While many people have come across the acronym LARP, not everyone knows what it stands for. It is about field games, the participants of which, dressed in costumes, create an unforgettable story together. If the game takes place in empty factories, wastelands and forests in which you have to demonstrate the art of survival, you can safely talk about survival LARPs. However, there are many more types of field games, so there is something for everyone. This article discusses various game scenarios, highlighting the advantages of participating in them. Why not give it a try?
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Close Quarters Battle on Black Friday

Organized anti-terrorist actions provide a lot of emotions, especially when we can admire them on a TV or laptop screen. In more than one movie, we can see the complicated activities of special units that try to rescue hostages or stop dangerous criminals. Close Quarters Battle is certainly an extremely interesting field. There is no room for error in the schemes in which the units act. That is why the training of members of special formations is so important. Often the lives of action participants depend on one another. In this post we will try to bring, what exactly is Close Quarters Battle.

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Minimum self-sufficiency, or how to choose survival EDC

Bushcrafters call it EDC (Every Day Carry), the military IPS (Individual Survival Package). Different names, but a common task, which is to provide the owner with a minimum of self-sufficiency in casual terrain. A set of items ready for use in an emergency must be: waterproof, small (it can be carried in a pocket in case of loss of equipment) and resistant to mechanical damage. The basic IPS looks similar to most Special Forces operators. It can be divided into sets, each of which is responsible for a separate aspect of military survival.

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Tornado hunters - what is Storm Chasing?

Storm Chasing means the pursuit of atmospheric anomalies such as storms or tornadoes in order to document phenomena in the form of photos or a film. The term comes from the United States, which regularly fall victim to natural disasters. In Poland, storm chasing is not as well-known and rather a recreational venture, motivated by the desire to adventure, curiosity and admiring spectacular storm formations.

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How do I know where I am? GPS operation

We use GPS navigation every day. Traveling by car, it helps us to get to the exact address. We also use it on smartphones when we want to find a new restaurant or being on tourist routes. This technology also helps to track our sporting progress. Have you ever wondered how it works?

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Polish ring of fire, the volcanoes in Poland

Although, for many of us this information may seem at least surprising - in Poland we have volcanoes! Not like Vesuvius or Etna. However, if you are wondering what corner of our country is worth visiting, the Land of Extinct Volcanoes may prove to be an interesting proposition.

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Abandoned Factory - What is Urbex?

URBEX is the exploration of invisible or inaccessible corners - the ruins of modern civilization. We went to an abandoned factory to say a few words about urban exploration. Personally, we are very pleased with the shots we have obtained. We invite you to watch!

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