Kayak accessories useful during the kayaking trip

Kayak accessories useful during the kayaking trip

Sunny weather, water sparkling in the light and a gentle splash of an oar hitting the surface - sounds beautiful, doesn't it? Every year, Drawa, Czarna Hańcza or Brda, one of the most popular rivers for rafting, gain new lovers, enchanted by picturesque, wild nature. Both beginners and experienced canoeists look for the best possible ways for a pleasant and safe canoeing trip. As some people plan only 1-day adventures on the river, in today's article we will focus strictly on kayaking accessories, not camping suggestions. We invite you to read!

Waterproof kayak accessories

Most things, especially those used only during stops, are best placed in waterproof bags. Panniers made of multi-layer PVC laminate will be perfect for a kayak - rolled and closed with a buckle bags are a great way to protect clothes. Bags with an admixture of polyester or polyurethane bags coated with dense Taffeta nylon, which imitates shiny silk fiber, will also work well.

It is worth noting that the bag should be rolled up at least 4 times before closing the buckle, thanks to which the equipment will be dry even after overturning. The smallest models, with a capacity of one or several liters, are best used to protect a camera or first aid kit. In the case of a phone and an e-book reader, transparent waterproof covers and a PVC or TPU case will be better than panniers - a simple closure ensures easy access to frequently used equipment.

How to protect yourself in the event of a kayak fall-over?

If the bags are loose when tipping, they can easily be lost in the river - things will be dry, but they will be lost among the seaweed. That is why it is better to have panniers attached to the kayak, thanks to a universal nylon rope with a strong weave. The ends of the rope can be tied on the boat carrying handles located on the bow and stern. After the rope is threaded through the center of the kayak, both the person in front and the kayaker in the back will have the rope close at hand. Thanks to this, each rowing machine can easily attach the pannier to the line, using metal carabiners with springs. Even the simplest models will be perfect, but you can also think about S-biner, i.e. double-sided S-shaped snap hooks.

In addition to the rivers mentioned in the introduction, many people choose Lower Silesia for kayaking, where there are many wonderful routes, even in Wrocław itself. When preparing for a river adventure, take plenty of drinks and water, the warmer and sunnier it gets. To ensure ecology, it is best to put on a reusable steel water bottle, into which water will be poured from a larger container hidden, for example, in front of the beak, during stops.

Author: Tomasz Świgoń

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