Is it summer or is it winter? April has no mercy! So what is worth having on the route

Is it summer or is it winter? April has no mercy! So what is worth having on the route

April is the month in which the eager of light and colors of the awakening flora begin to leave the house, and our organisms are hungry for movement, vitamins and minerals. Some of us successfully fight these temptations by staying in front of TV sets, but a large group focuses on activity. Here there is a range of possibilities - from various forms of sport to sightseeing trips. We will focus on hiking in the Polish mountains.

Remembering the dynamically changing weather conditions characteristic of this period, we decide to go on a one-day trip on any of the PTTK mountain routes. What to take and pack so that nothing will surprise us? Here are some hints ...

Assuming that our march will not last longer than a day, a backpack with a capacity of 20 to 40 liters should be sufficient. Considering the fact that the backpack will be with us all the time, it is important that it is comfortable and ergonomic.

Once we know what we will pack our equipment into, we should think about what might be useful to us and what circumstances may find us. Early spring is the time when we enjoy the beautiful sun in an instant, and fight the muddy or icy paths a few hundred meters away. One should not forget about the possibility of an avalanche risk. Each field trip should be carefully thought out. So what should be in the backpack?

Gloves and heaters

Winter gloves will definitely be too warm. A good solution are thin gloves that will protect our hands and allow us to comfortably overcome the obstacles encountered. The ideal supplement will be a chemical hand warmer - in case our hands get cold for some reason. Heaters are light and take up little space. We probably won't use them, but in an emergency, it's good to have them with you.


Early spring paths can be demanding. It is a good idea to buy hiking climbing irons. Like hand warmers, they won't take up much space and it's possible that they won't be useful at all, but it's worth having them with you. One mistake on a slippery path can cost us a sprained ankle, and this (being at some distance from civilization) can prove to be a serious problem.

Multifunctional Shawl

Due to the occurrence of temperature jumps an interesting option is multifunctional shawl. The winter cap will be too warm, the baseball cap may not shield us from the wind. The shawl is a proposal that we can use in 16 different ways, or simply put it in your pocket. It protects the head or neck or both.


GPS transmitters are available on the market. We have very accurate navigation systems in the phones. However, we can never be sure that the device will not disappoint us - it is enough that the battery runs out, we lose the range or the device falls apart due to falling. So let's bring a map and a compass - preferably one with a clinometer. The clinometer will allow us to determine the slope angle and choose the route suitable for our capabilities and skills.


In landscape parks and in areas far away from cities or villages, it is easy to encounter wildlife. Binoculars can be useful for two reasons. The first is purely aesthetic - with its help we can enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. The second reason is definitely more pragmatic. It is not difficult to imagine a situation in which, being on the route, we notice an animal in the distance. As conscious tourists, we guess that probably there is a chamois in front of us, maybe it is a dog, and somewhere between the bushes its owner is walking ... However, we cannot exclude that it is none of the above, and our route is on a collision course with a bear. The binoculars will allow us to assess the situation from a safe distance and decide to continue the journey.


Bracelet by PARACORD, is a gadget that will not take up space in your backpack. We can say with a high degree of probability that it won't be useful to us. However, it is worth having it with you. We could have various scenarios in which it will be necessary to set up camp and spend the night on the trail, but let's focus on more prosaic problems - it is enough that the shoelace breaks in the shoe. Paracord will save the situation.

Fire Starter

A piece of equipment that you should have with you is a set for lighting the fire. Tinder is a good choice, but to make your life easier, you should also pack fuel cubes, a lighter and a bit of cotton for kindling. It is also good to remember to put the individual components of the set in different places of the backpack - in case the backpack gets wet, you may not lose everything.


We can have the best, most waterproof jacket, but in the event of a cloudburst, nothing will protect us and our backpack. Here, PONCHO comes to the rescue. Palatka does not take up much space, it protects us and our equipment from the rain and we can use it as a shelter in case of necessity to set up a makeshift camp.

Must have!

Something that no one should ever forget when going to the mountains is the first aid kit! We can't predict all the dangers, so a first aid kit is absolutely necessary. There are first aid kits of various sizes, with different equipment. We keep some in the backpack, others (equipped with the MOLLE system) can be placed on it. The thermal blanket is a perfect complement to the standard equipment of the first aid kit.

Author: Gniewko Bernecki

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