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Survival is a way of experiencing life - interview with Kajetan Wilczyński "Adventurer"

You land in the middle of the wilderness. Around the emptiness. Only the noise of trees and the sounds of birds marking their presence. You don't know how far away you are from civilization. What now? Exactly. Another guest of our series of interviews is a man-adventure. He called his YouTube channel Adventurer. Survival, as he says, is not a lifestyle, it is a way of experiencing life. Every week Kajetan Wilczyński introduces us to the secrets of the art of survival on his channel. We asked him about inspirations, beginnings and funny situations. Welcome!

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"The zone draws you in ...", that is about Chernobyl and not only - an interview with Project Explore

You can do a lot for your passion. Especially if it is sometimes associated with dangerous situations. Or unusual. In the case of our two interlocutors, it is definitely so. Most of their free time in their lives is devoted to urban exploration, i.e. Urbex. Tomasz and Jan - the creators of the Project Explore channel on YouTube, decided to share with us their thoughts on their hobby. We invite you to read the interview!

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Operation Life, or Marcin Szczygieł about his airsoft passion

Few people know his name, because most airsofters know him as Włóczykij. He actively participated in competitions for 7 years, today he professionally deals with hardware setup. Every day he is an e-commerce manager in one of the largest Polish companies with electronic equipment. Airsoft is a sport for him, which primarily teaches team work and strategic thinking. Between work, battlefield and replica modification, he found a moment to talk to us. He has also prepared some airsoft tips for you!

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Just take a step with your backpack off the threshold of the house, and the journey begins! - Interview with Patrick 'Qki' Kwela, prepper, photographer and traveler.

Regardless of the weather and season, he spends every free moment away from home. Staying in the open air is for him a hotel of a million stars. Using ancient and modern techniques of survival, during trips into the wilds or mountain treks, it conquers new peaks and crosses internal barriers. Each journey teaches him humbleness and improves his skills and knowledge, which in the next trips allow even better to predict the coming threat. He calls himself prepper, but in his heart there is also a place for survival, hiking and bushcraft. Qki can be found mainly in the woods, sometimes on a mountain trail, where he calmly realizes his passions.

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Dreams are there to fulfill them, not collect them! - Interview with Magdalena Jakubowska and Natalia Litwinionek, i.e. Voyagers for tenner.

You often think that one day you will drop everything, pack your backpack and leave, but you don't always have the courage to do it. Magda and Natalia, travelers from the blog took a chance - quit their job and bought a one-way ticket to make their dreams come true. They chose Southeast Asia as their destination. They traverse the route by any available means of transport - by hitchhiking, bicycles, on foot, by boats, and now on scooters. Their backpacking adventure is still going on.

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"Then there is real survival, we only have our mind and zero equipment" - Interview with Marek Maćkowiak, founder of CREX Adventure Group

Passion can be a part of life, but it can also become a signpost giving meaning to the whole. Marek Maćkowiak, survivalist and founder of CREX Adventure Group is a person who shares his love of outdoor activities with other people. When he realizes his goals, he develops not only his own character, but also shapes others. Despite his great achievements, he is extremely modest. He easily travels the 100 km route, and now, together with the CREX group, he is preparing to go to Ukraine, where he will spend seven days in the Carpathians without contact with civilization.

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Fight and Passion – Run for the record of Matthew Kofi Kufel

Milworld is a store for people who, like us, have passion in their blood. However, today it will not be about us. Some of you probably have had the opportunity to see our promotional film with the participation of Mateusz Kofi Kufel - if not, be sure to catch up. After performing in I have a Talent, the media described him as a wizard with a ball, but what he does is not just ball tricks.

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