Hunter's toolbox

Hunter's toolbox

"We will go hunting, hunting, my comrade!"

It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. However, the one who thinks so is wrong. Well, ladies and gentlemen, if any of you came to this place, I am very happy, but let's get to the point! Hunting and the art of survival from a million years are the most important aspect of our lives. Hunting is not only obtaining animals, but also its skillful tracking, chasing and only then shooting. However, this cannot be done without proper knowledge and equipment.

The modern hunter is not a gentleman with a slightly rounded beer belly and a mustache that hunts animals for a hobby. Such a stereotype can certainly be a thing of the past, because today hunting looks completely different. Hunters are obliged to comply with hunting ethics and law. The most valuable asset is communing with nature, experiencing the "thrill" of hunting and the joy of being in the group of hunting companions, that is, hunting brothers. A real hunter understands that hunted animal is a symbol of his success, which he must care with due respect and can abstain from firing if the animal is unable to escape. Since we have made the nation realize that a hunter is not a butcher, it is now the time to professionally prepare for the trip. If you are a beginner hunter, that's great - you can get a lot from this text. However, if you've been hunting for years, it's worth refreshing your knowledge a little, and God forbid, something new has appeared in the world of hunting, and you don't know what will you do then? Will you say "I DON'T KNOW"? No, definitely not! If the wife is whining and the children are running, politely go to the most pleasant place for you and in silence and peace "hunt" some new knowledge.

Weapons and high-class equipment and accessories are the foundation of a successful hunting trip. There is no reason to leave the house without it. The shotgun is the most important piece of equipment for every hunter. But this is not the case today. I will write about buying weapons in the next article. After all, we don't want to make any mistake. For now, I will give you some advice on how to care for this treasure. First of all, you need to buy a professional case and equipment for cleaning weapons. So let's start with the storage of weapons - not only because of our passion for our equipment, the weapon must be secured, it is also required by law, and we as true hunters are obliged to comply with principles and ethics. It is difficult to choose the right bag or pouch, in particular that manufacturers are flooding us with hundreds of offers. What to follow? First of all, durability and performance of the product. Pay attention to the material that was used to create the cover or case. Find out if the interior is additionally padded with foam or sponge, what are the ways of transport - handle, harness or belt. Remember that details affect whether your shotgun will be okay. When you decide on a specific model, do not wait for someone to take it from you, just make a purchase immediately, because a large part of the products are available only in a limited amount. Unfortunately, I lost my chance more than once, but a wise Pole after the damage ... What's next? Gun cleaning accessories. When choosing accessories for cleaning weapons, do not be guided by the price, but by quality and practicality.

Remember that poorly cleaned weapon can affect the precision of shooting, not to mention the safety of people who are nearby. Decide on such sets, in which you will find full equipment, e.g. various types of tips, brushes, wipers, oils and greases. Importantly, prevent brawls at home and buy a special cleaning mat - then you will be able to indulge in your favorite activity ...

If you already have your weapon ready and the case chosen, it's time to hunt down the remaining equipment. And here, unfortunately or fortunately, there is an incredible number of producers and an even larger number of products. Maybe let's start with hunting bags and pouches. It is important that it is solid and durable equipment. The material used for production is therefore important. Traditional leather bags or those made of specialized materials, e.g. Cordura or ballistic Nylon, are a very good solution. Functionality is also not without significance, e.g. storage capacity, number of compartments, belt loop system and the possibility of mounting additional equipment. A great example of a combination of all these features is the Speed Loader Cartridge Bag by Jack Pyke. I've only had it for a year, but I'll tell you that it's a good companion on the hunt. What else do we need? Definitely binoculars or monocular. After all, good recognition of the area is half a success. What about the other half? Clothing, ladies and gentlemen, clothing!

My grandfather used to say that "a naked man is a cheerful man," but certainly not on the hunt. Safety, comfort and functionality are three iron rules that you must follow when choosing hunting clothing. It is wrong to think that the outfit has no effect on the effectiveness of hunting. It has, and it's much bigger than you think. The animal is a wise creature and sees and hears much more than you think. And here comes the problem known among your wives - "What should I wear?"

First of all, decide to buy clothing only in a professional camouflage - for example, forest camouflage or 3D masking, which have leaves sewn on the clothing. This will allow you to blend in with the forest landscape and blur your figure. Thanks to this you are one step ahead of the animal. But what about hearing? The solution is simple - silent clothing. Already several brands have been tested by me, but one has entered my memory for a long time - Jack Pyke. Honestly, they're real geniuses when it comes to hunting clothing. From what I know, all equipment is designed by the greatest hunting celebrities from Great Britain. What like what, but you have to admit that the British are a nation that has cultivated the tradition of hunting for hundreds of years. My hunting boots have survived more than one expedition and probably more than once will help me to wade through the forest in difficult weather conditions. Socks! As if I could forget about socks! My wife washes them after returning from every trip. How grateful I am to her. Hunting socks should be able to withstand frequent use, so it's good if they have reinforcements on the heel and toes. In colder periods, the sock should be insulated inside or at least have adequate warming properties. Thermal socks are a good solution. I mentioned the weather, right? With the weather is like with a woman, you never know. And here is the golden rule that you should take to your heart - the hunting outfit must be waterproof. The breathability of the material is also important here. Chasing animals can be quite exhausting, so it's good to be sure that the items you put on will provide you with high comfort during activity and will drain sweat outside. Hunting in the field, your clothing is exposed to abrasion. When buying it, you should pay attention to whether the selected hunting jacket, hunting vest or hunting jacket, or hunting pants were made of material resistant to tearing, ripping and abrasion. Yes, I mentioned everything one by one, so that you don't mistake a hunting sweatshirt with a running sweatshirt or trousers with those you put on for your mother-in-law's dinner. You will think "he is a ram" but I will answer it, that it is a very important matter! – If you are aware that there is a significant difference between B and DD, then you must also be aware that there is no need to compare hunting clothing with outdoor or tactical clothing, and God forbid, sports clothing, because these are completely different worlds.

Personally, when choosing clothes, I always follow two principles: quality and functionality. Tracking animals does not take half an hour, so I must have high comfort. The forest is not a playground, where your parents guard you against every evil lurking around the corner, here you have to build your pulpit and look for animals, and then follow them. For a few hours, the forest will become your second home. We know perfectly well that it is not always warm, so in order not to get cold, put a small hip flask with a drink in your pocket that will warm you up and help you track wildlife ... However, the equipment will be of no use if there are no dog companions with us during hunting. And I think it is enough for me to say only a few words, you will certainly know the rest yourself. First of all, hunting without a dog is like a wedding without music. Secondly, a French journalist, I don't remember his name, said that God, seeing how he was not doing well in the world, gave him a dog. And thirdly, referring to hunting culture, ethics and tradition - the hunter looks after the hunting dog - the companion and helper of his hunts. He cares for his needs, and does not force him beyond his means. An aging hunting dog deserves a peaceful old age. - Since the rules have been reminded, do not forget about the correct equipment and accessories for your companion, and guaranteeing him such dignified conditions as yourself, if not better. Speaking of accessories, we have here a huge area to tame. Decoys, telescope covers, masking accessories and items necessary for hunting. Luring products must first of all be effective, but a separate article would have to be created about lure, because there is quite a lot of it now, so expect the next part. As for the masking accessories, you can choose from masking tapes and paints, meshes, professional Ghillie Suites and other clothing in various camouflages - the choice is made depending on the terrain in which you will be.

We do not hide the fact that we are going on an expedition among real friends, comrades and brothers. It is known that after a successful hunt there are a few habits: submitting a report, getting to know the results of the hunt, trapping each acquired animal (except for birds that are branched by the signal "Feather on the schedule"), speech summarizing the hunt, bugle call and the last most connecting - a decent feast and warming up with a bottle of good drink. And here you have to bow to your wives and appreciate them, of your own free will and good intentions for tolerance and understanding. Yes, that's right. Believe me, on your next trip you will hear much more positive delight.

Looking at this specialized field, I know that many of you have a problem with choosing solid equipment that will serve it for years. We men value precision and quality, which is why, compared to women, it is not so easy to convince us to buy something. However, the situation is different when it is recommended by a colleague ... And let me feel like your good friend and show off one of with the most valuable gains I managed to hunt this year. It is not a deer, but it will definitely help you during many hunting trips. And although I don't really like to recommend anything, the Jack Pyke brand deserves recognition. For now, there is nothing else but to go hunting.

As the tradition dictates, do not forget to kiss the beautiful female elbow before hunting, because, as the old proverb says - the fatter the animal, the higher you get!

Author: JR

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