How to survive the winter - gadgets and clothing for the frost

How to survive the winter - gadgets and clothing for the frost

Every guy likes to protect himself. Especially in a season like winter. Some love it, others hate it. It all depends on your taste. Winter has its charms. It also has its drawbacks. Our approach to it results from our preparation. It is better to have a few gadgets with you that will help you at this time. If they are not useful, then on the back of the head we will have the thought that they are in a backpack. It is said that winter hiking is for persistent people. And yet! Not always. Sometimes it is enough to dress properly to march better. Everyone cares about warmth. The higher the temperature is kept close to the body, the greater the comfort of the trip. In addition to the outfit, our equipment is important. And as I said - men do not like to be surprised by the aura of a variable, so the time for gadgets that will help you survive the frost.

Survival in winter can be a lot of fun, but it is dangerous. Similarly with ASG, trekking and camping. The most important are the right accessories. You can find them at Introducing the winter gadget toolkit!

Winter with

What is the basis of survival? Fire! Thanks to the fire we will be able to warm up our frozen hands, feet and face. You will use the Max Fuchs set, which contains tinder and fuel. Its biggest advantage is its small size. Everything is packed in a box that will not take up much space in your backpack. The kit contains the most important: tinder, plate for striking sparks, 2 cotton balls and 2 fuel tablets.

MFH Tinder and Fuel survival kit - see in the store

In winter, the day is shorter. So that its end is not surprising, it is worth having a flashlight with you. If the flashlight has an additional lamp, it's a big plus. Dark forest is not the most pleasant places. It can be scary. Especially when you don't know exactly where you are. In addition, the flashlight will also be useful in everyday life, e.g. when looking for holiday decorations in the attic. The Highlander 2in1 flashlight is an ideal option. It is resistant to shocks and spills. It has a retractable hook at the top, so you can easily hang it in the tent.

2 in 1 Highlander flashlight - see in the store

Your hands are getting very cold. You don't have time to stand and make a fire. You work in the fresh air, which does not spoil you in winter. You want to warm your hands. The Mil-Tec pocket carbon heater will solve your problem. It is a very simple device. All you have to do is place the incandescent coal in the designated place. That's all! You can put the heater in your pocket and enjoy the heat. It is odorless and smokeless.

Mil-Tec coal heater - see in the store

And if you don't like it, then the Highlander chemical heater will be the best solution. It heats up to 6 hours, in this case you do not have to light anything. All you have to do is shake it and heat it up.

Highlander pocket heater - see in the store

None of us likes windy, winter air. Red nose, chapped lips and frostbitten cheeks. End of it! SA Co. has designed a winter, multi-functional scarf that will protect your face from freezing. In addition, awesome designs invented by designers of SA Co. let you highlight your style. Now you can go crazy in the winter.

Multifunctional scarf SA Co. - see in the store

After face protection, the most important thing is to protect your feet and hands from cold. Brandit insulated snow boots and practical Mil-Tec gloves will help in this. Snow boots have very good grip, so the risk of slipping decreases to a minimum during hiking. However, the practicality of the gloves boils down to the use of finger flaps. You can reveal them at any time to remove a compass or phone from your pocket. Easy to use.

Brandit snow boots - see in the store
Mil-Tec flap gloves - see in the store

A gadget for every survivor is a compass. An essential tool in the fight for survival. Sometimes a nice toy and an accessory in the equipment. A thing worth having. The Highlander compass is solidly made. Thanks to the fact that the whole device is foldable, you can easily fit it in your pants pocket.

Mil-Tec Military Compass - see in the store

Winters have been less snowy lately, but they are very cold and rainy in December. Often it rains in the morning and evening or it rains with snow. During such weather, a backpack cover will be useful. Nobody likes to get wet. Nobody likes it when the backpack and its contents get wet. The Highlander rain cover for your backpack will solve this problem.

Highlander backpack cover - see in the store

When you find yourself in crisis conditions, it is worth having a life foil with you, otherwise known as a thermal blanket. In this case, Max Fuchs has provided a product that on the one hand protects against cold and hypothermia, and on the other protects against the sun. Conditions vary, so you should have a thermal blanket with you.

Thermal blanket, life foil MFH - see in the store

Thanks to all these gadgets, you will no longer be surprised by the sinister aura. Winter does not have to pamper. This is not the custom. The most important thing is that you will be warm. This is the greatest comfort. Welcome to!

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