How to start the adventure with ASG? - Łukasz Żmuda-Trzebiatowski

How to start the adventure with ASG? - Łukasz Żmuda-Trzebiatowski

If you came here, it means that you want to start the adventure with ASG. Probably users of various groups on Facebook or forums tell you to buy this and that, use passwords and abbreviations that you do not know, so you start to wonder if it all makes sense. I will answer you - it has! Find 5 minutes and I will tell you everything you should know at the beginning of your airsoft road!

Competition – we have several types of ASG, in short 3 most important:

  • Shooting games or 'jebbas' if you prefer - the easiest to organize: teams shoot at each other for points or strive to accomplish a mission / task, e.g. takeover of the enemy's territory, reflection of the hostage.
  • Mil-Sim - games that require good condition: there is a scenario, terrain, items, or everything you need to create a real battlefield. There are also organizers who run in yellow reflective vests and supervise whether everyone adheres to the rules.
  • LARP - live action games in which shooting is more an addition. They have their own character! They really require a lot of organization, a good script, NPC (non player characters) and props.

Equipment and costs – you don't have to spend thousands to play. I started with a replica for PLN 150 and my grandfather's fishing clothes. It wasn't until later that I was getting better and better equipment for PLN 500-600, better uniforms from demobilization. The most expensive replica I had to buy was the SWD - sniper rifle and tuning; I spent definitely more than many stars from a box on a branded purse.

Uniform and equipment – protectors, headphones and tactical vest are important. It's nice if you choose equipment from the demobilization, then you can feel the climate more. Eye goggles and uniform are a matter of taste and preference. With a uniform and a replica, it's like cars - you buy a VW to drive well or a Porsche to shine and talk about your equipment, what's inside.

Is it worth spending PLN 5,000 for a replica? Price has a bearing on performance, but at some point it stops paying off. Up to PLN 1,000 - that is enough. And if you are a fanatic and you can afford it - buy it. Only later do not be afraid to use it, because I knew cases that the replica instead of being used, it just lay, because the boy was afraid to spoil it. Remember, don't let anyone force you to buy expensive equipment, you have to have fun.

Safety – you won't be able to go home without injuries, but make sure there are as few as possible.

  • Eye injuries - avoid it like fire. ALWAYS wear goggles, as you take part in the competition. Even if you are leaving the field, do not remove them until you reach a safe zone.
  • Broken legs - it happens to everyone, you cannot predict it, but it is worth preventing even ankle sprain by wearing higher shoes, i.e. one with a built-in ankle.
  • Other injuries? Bruises and other - just a simple cooling spray. Once a friend got a shot in the tooth and it crumbled, it is hard to protect the teeth, unless you equip yourself with a grill, i.e. a protective mask.

Remember that a uniform, vest, masks, helmets help reduce damage. It is better to spend a little more on stronger plastics or metal masks, because Chinese ones break easily. And the rules! Depending on the organizer, gameplay and replicas, it can be determined that a player with a replica with a high fps (muzzle velocity of the ball) does not shoot from a few meters - instead pif-paf is said. Similar rule when entering the building - you use weapons with low fps value.

Basic rules:

  • We play honorably - you must confess when you get it; otherwise the game and atmosphere are spoiled.
  • The organizer sets out what is allowed and what is not.
  • Generally accepted rules - pif-paf instead of a shot when we are about 10 m from the opponent.
  • We don't shoot people in vests.
  • It's all about team play - we avoid unsportsmanlike behavior, various arguments and conflicts; the most important fun in the team.
  • You never aim at the head.

Combat values of women and men – statistically there are not enough women in action compared to men to be able to judge it somehow. But women never lag behind. It's really a matter of level of sophistication - novices and veterans.

What to do to deserve the respect of the group:

  • Your group: with people just like in life, best if you have your team, then you have the best fun and the greatest respect. It is known that our male instinct requires competition, but in a harmonious team everything can be explained.
  • Opponents: You will only get respect in one way - sporting and honest behavior in competition. Those who do not stick to the rules are simply thrown out, and those who stick to the level have the greatest recognition. It is with them that we most often meet, plan games, invent scenarios, because for example with Mil-Sims it is not enough to say organize and let people into the forest.

Special skills or physical predispositions are important, good condition allows you to avoid a shot better, and remember that a moving target is more difficult to hit: jumps, crawls, etc. In ASG, life skills are more important than management skills, i.e. management skills , a bit of knowledge of logistics, patterns of behavior of others or how replicas work. And the most important thing is INITIATIVE - often novices lack spawn, commitment and courage to lean out and more often prefer to hide in the corners. And this game is about skillful teamwork and common tactics.

Where can I organize the ASG?

  • You can go to the forest and shoot as long as the forest is empty and you have informed the ranger. It's known that you can't go shooting where people are walking.
  • Well-known spots - there are strictly gameplay areas and the public living nearby knows about it, but even in such situations it is worth just informing people that it will happen.

Remember! Always keep civilians and onlookers in mind. If you notice someone from the community, then shout CIVILIAN - the game stops then, you go to inform the man and wait for it to go.

How much time? • You go with your friends - you agree. • You gather a professional team - the time requirements are greater for you - there are joint exercises, games - in fact, the greater the commitment, the more time, but the better the effect and teamwork. • Workouts to keep fit - here you decide.


  • Do not get tricked into shit and Chinese replicas - tell them firmly, no. Their prices are tempting, but NO, because you will only regret that you cannot do tuning.
  • It is better to buy a replica in worse condition and have a good basis for further improvement.
  • Don't let yourself be eaten by an airsoft guy - everyone will want to show off, so don't let yourself be stifled. Take care of yours and build your equipment.
  • Don't be afraid - look for people, don't be afraid to ask, write, use forums: live, act, use - the best experience at ASG is to gain knowledge and experience.
  • Do not try to act alone, if you have no experience, because it may simply not go out for you, you have a team.

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