How to dress in the mountains in fall? 5 quick tips

How to dress in the mountains in fall?  5 quick tips

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to go to the Polish mountains. It does not matter which direction you choose, whether it will be the Bieszczady Mountains, the Tatras, the Karkonosze or the Jizera Mountains. In all cases, you must follow similar dress codes. All this so that your march goes without any complications. Those associated with the outfit you can avoid yourself, do not predict the other. Risk should always be kept to a minimum. Therefore, we will present 5 quick tips on how to dress in the mountains in the fall.

In this article you will learn:

  • which jacket will work best?
  • should you use thermoactive underwear?
  • what pants to choose?
  • shoes below or over the ankle?
  • what extras to take?

Ideally, in layers

So basically how? Most people met this way of dressing on the occasion of visits to her grandmother, who said "dress in layers." In such an outfit, the layers of clothes we put on are important. The first layer should wick away sweat. Therefore, here we can answer the question that yes - it is worth using thermoactive underwear. A thermoactive sweatshirt will be a good and proven solution, the task of which will be to create a "second skin". When it comes to leggings, avoid them in the fall. They will come in handy when the outside temperature drops significantly. The second layer should provide insulation and warmth. A fleece sweatshirt will work best for this, which is best equipped with ventilation panels under the arms. Thanks to this, the circulation inside will be at an appropriate level and your body will not overheat. Use softshell as the third layer of protection. These types of jackets are resistant to blasts of cold wind. In addition, the hood they are equipped with protects the head against rainfall.

If you feel too warm during the walk, you can take off the individual layers so that you are walking comfortably. However, if you start to feel cold, then put on another outerwear. The most important thing is your sense of comfort.

The key is to choose pants!

Pants intended for hiking in the mountains in autumn should be multifunctional. What attributes make up this feature? The first factor is material. It is worth it to be adequately durable. So that you do not risk tearing or chafing it while walking. In addition, the pants should be equipped with several pockets, so that you can put the most necessary, handy equipment inside. Additionally, pay attention to how much the pants weigh. They should be light and, above all, comfortable. It's worth it, if you can make summer shorts out of ordinary cargo pants. The 2 in 1 function comes in handy during strenuous exercise. Thanks to this, you can properly adjust the thermal comfort.

And the shoes?

Shoes are the foundation of a successful trip to the mountain trails. It is worth choosing a model above the ankle. This makes the leg more stable. If your footwear conforms to the shape of your feet, so much the better. You can then focus on the mountain views instead of worrying about your feet. They are safe in solid shoes! Make sure the shoes are functional and not too heavy. After all, you carry them. High-class footwear will work in all weather conditions.

Mountain accessories

It's not about jewelry or a shiny watch. In autumn, the sun can surprise as well as the temperature. There are days when it exceeds well 20 degrees Celsius. So you should bring a baseball cap, which will protect you from annoying sunlight and adequately protect against sun stroke.

Now the other side. There may also be cooler days, especially brisk mornings. Then it's better to have something for a neck protection, preferably a multifunctional scarf, which you can use in many other ways if necessary. If it is UV resistant, it can also be used as a cap.

The climate of the mountains in autumn is unique. There are fewer people on the trails, and the hostels are not overcrowded with visitors. Of course, all equipment does not stop with clothing. It's worth taking care of a solid backpack for the route (you can read about it HERE) and specific meals (check THIS ARTICLE). After scrupulous preparation of everything, the most pleasant thing is - a carefree march.

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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