How to deal with frost?

How to deal with frost?

Winter definitely makes life difficult. Particularly irritating is the frost, which recently reaches its apogee at the turn of January and February. During this time, it's worth taking care of your thermal comfort. Health is the most important. If we don't properly protect ourselves against the cold, we may be exposed to endless colds and health problems. We decided to suggest some solutions that will effectively help you withstand even at very low temperatures. We invite you to read!

Do not let the winter to win!

The preservation of adequate thermal comfort consists of several basic principles. Following them will cause that the heat will not leave your body so quickly. First of all, the clothes. Let's not dress too thick. Overheating can lead to a cold. Especially when slightly sweaty we take off our hat. The disease does not choose, so better layer up. Put on several layers of clothes, which we can take off when we feel that we are too warm. In this case, thermoactive underwear works very well. Both the Fox Outdoor sweatshirt and underpants have the function of draining excess moisture - thanks to this, the clothes dry quickly. The set maintains an optimal temperature and adapts well to the figure. The layer of clothing closest to the body is extremely important. It should be the thinnest and we rather don't take it off.

If we spend a lot of time outdoors, e.g. at work, you know how important it is to be warm. Or not to be too cold. In this situation, heaters will be useful. We can safely hide them in a jacket or pants pocket and enjoy the heat. Most devices of this type keep heat for a long time. Even an 8-hour shift is not a problem..

The advantage of gel heaters is that they are reusable. After use, we cook them in water, thanks to which they regain heating properties. To start such a heater, you need to break the metal plate. It starts the crystallization process. Gel heaters emit heat up to about 1 hour. They are very easy to use. The MFH gel heater is a proven choice.

Chemical heaters last longer, but they are disposable. They produce heat for up to 8 hours. We do not recommend keeping them close to the skin. This may result in burns. It's best to put them in your jacket pocket and enjoy the warmth. To use such a heater, remove it from its protective packaging and shake it. The ingredients mix to form a chemical reaction that produces heat. They can have different shapes. The Highlander pocket heater is in a rectangular sachet. Chemical heaters from Thermopad have a separate application. Another shape is for warming the feet and another for warming the hands.

We are used to the fact that winter comes suddenly. Usually everyone is surprised that it snows in winter. It's nothing funny. There are extreme weather changes. That's why it's better to be prepared for anything. NRC foil will properly protect us in a crisis. This type of foil is used in the rescue. It happens in movies where we see injured people who are covered with reflective foil. This is a rescue blanket that prevents heat loss and also protects against cold and moisture. The whole after folding takes up very little space and fits peacefully in a small backpack pocket.

It's always worth having a warm drink with you. The human body warms up very well from the inside. Warm tea or coffee in a Klean Kanteen thermal mug is the best natural heater. The Insulated Tumbler model does not absorb odors and does not change the taste of the drink. The temperature of a warm drink is maintained up to 4 hours.

If it is warm enough, even the falling snow does not irritate and its beauty is noticed. Winter definitely has its charm. It's enough to ensure proper thermal comfort.

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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