How to choose the right headphones for the shooting range?

How to choose the right headphones for the shooting range?

You know perfectly well how sensitive the hearing organ is. Sometimes a slight bang is enough to clog your ears. That is why proper protection is so important. Especially in a place like a shooting range. There, hearing is constantly exposed to noise. Loud decibels attack from all directions. In such a situation, the right shooting headphones will be the best solution. How to choose them? You will soon know the answer to this question.

Thanks to this text you will learn:

  • why hearing protection is so important,
  • what are the ways to protect the ears,
  • how to choose the right way for yourself.

Aim, fire ... and protect your hearing!

A tool that could reduce the noise level at the shooting range is a silencer installed directly on the weapon. Polish law does not allow the registration of weapons that are adapted to the installation of silencers. Moreover, such weapons are considered particularly dangerous. Therefore, the only option is to protect your ears with headphones or earplugs. By not following the shooting range hearing protection principle, you can create a potential hazard. For yourself and companions. There may be distractions, and such situations end in different ways. Therefore, it is better to avoid them. In addition, you can permanently damage your hearing. Therefore, take care of your health!

Stoppers or headphones? That is the question

One of the most popular ways is with earplugs. These are small plugs that, when placed in the ear, adjust to it and cut off incoming noise. The stoppers can be disposable or reusable. Shooting earplugs are usually semi-active - they let in sounds below 80db. So it's possible to talk, and when a shot is fired, the noise is blocked, and at that particular moment we hear nothing.

Shooting headphones are better protection. These are divided into passive and active. Passive are a device made specifically for people attending the shooting range or hunters. Headphones are most often connected with a headband, which is covered with a soft material, thus providing high comfort of use. Thanks to this, they fit well to the shape of the head and hold firmly on it. See the MFH shooting headphones!

The second type of shooting headsets are the active ones. Shape resemble passive. Seemingly the same, but different. Active headphones are equipped with a soundproofing system that automatically blocks aggressive sounds. Headphones are usually powered by batteries "fingers". Talking is possible thanks to small speakers and a microphone. The regulation allows to cut out noises above 85db. This feature makes conversations with others audible, but not the sound of the shot. Active headphones will find their application at shooting competitions, where we need to hear the commands given. All the above functions have the Mil-Tec AKTIV shooting headphones.

Choose the best for yourself

In our store you will find shooting headphones from manufacturers such as MFH and Mil-Tec. There are passive and active models among them. You have to decide which ones will be more useful to you. Properly evaluate the conditions in which you will be using the headphones. It is very important! Do not damage your hearing organs. Protect your hearing with!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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